If you’ve never bought a pram before then you simply have no idea the world of pain I was in just a few weeks ago.

Matt and I have good sized families with plenty of little cousins but growing up we never paid any attention to the important parts of having / being an infant. Why would we? We don’t have any friends who live in this country with kids and so we’ve no ones lead to follow.

My parents very kindly asked if we’d like them to buy us the pram for baby. Of course, we gratefully accepted and were initially very excited.

Excitement quickly melted away into a confused sea of jargon and stress once we began looking at our options. There are so many prams and buggies out there that are so different and, at the same time, all the same.

Our method was a basic one. We read a few articles and reviews and decided we wanted a 3 wheeler. They look cooler and should be able to cope with the odd mix of terrain in Edinburgh.


Isn’t it a lovely city?


With that important decision made we then read up on the pros and cons of a travel system. We decided we did not want to purchase a compatible car seat to click into the pram as we thought it might lead to dangerous over use.

At this point, we went back to John Lewis to have a look at their range. Why we went there, after last time, is beyond me! The service was really as bad as it gets. I had the impression that the staff took one look at the 20somethings in skinny jeans horsing around and decided we weren’t likely to be making a big purchase.


We stuck around to be patronised for a while and then left with a glint in our eye… we’d found the pram!

Of course the server didn’t know this and I wasn’t interested in giving them my custom so off I went home to drool over the Cosatto website.

Once I’d finished being blinded by the beautiful patterns available I got down to the nitty gritty. Were these prams safe? Were they reliable? Were they in our price range? Would they fit in our car? You know, practicalities!

I was really impressed to see that the whole range comes with a 4 year guarantee and that the independent reviews I found were totally fab.

We’d pretty much made up our minds when everything ground to a halt. I was crippled by indecision, tempted by other prams, confused by what I needed. This was the time to stop visiting show rooms and trust my research but I clearly wanted to torture myself, Matt and my poor mother.

I’m happy to report that a few weeks later a total beauty arrived at our door and I know for sure we’ve found the right one 🙂 I hope you like it as much as we do.


Say hello to the Cosatto Giggle 2 in Oaker