A lot of the early purchases we made were secondhand clothing items. Matt and I decided early on, or maybe our bank balance decided for us, that we wanted to be frugal when buying for baby.

We made a plan of how much we’d save and how much we’d spend monthly on things for the new arrival. This has served us really well as now I’m 32 weeks and we have a healthy kitty and most of the bits we need. A big part of the reason we’ve done so well is thanks to the generosity of family.

In this post I’m just going to talk about the second hand things we’ve bought. More to come on the brand new purchases and wonderful gifts.

A giant pile of retro baby gear from my parents attic! I wore a lot of knits as a child… Evidence below

I picked up these suits in a boden sample sale. Tres chic!

These came from ebay.

Charity shops often have hidden gems like this brand new Tommy hillfiger tshirt!

Some of our early charity shop finds including a grow bag!

The best advice I can give to someone looking to purchase baby clothes on a budget is to keep an open mind. Check out charity shops, ebay, jumble sales etc We have almost everything we need in terms of clothing and paid a fraction of the true price. I always keep an eye out for good brands I know will last longer like boden, baby gap, next etc.

I totted up the costs and we’ve saved over £250 by making smart second hand purchases. Only a tiny portion of the cuteness we’ve got is included here so I might actually do a bit of a baby gear vlog, if you’d like to see more!