On Sunday I took my merry self off into town to buy some new underwear and some maternity bits and pieces. The day was fraught with challenges but ultimately fruitful, as you will see…

IMG_1135It was a beautiful f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g cold winter morning, I stuck on some lipstick and made a pittstop for a mocha on my way into the city. So far so good.


IMG_1121My first port of call was John Lewis to get some new bras as I was bursting out of my current ones. I didn’t expect my boobs to get this big this fast but I am reliably informed they are no longer a barely manageable 38E but a 36G. For those of you in any doubt this is a pregnancy curse and not in fact a blessing. There were limited options int he store but I found something I liked and prepared to leave the changing room triumphantly with my new piece of kit when the unthinkable happened!

The bra I was wearing decided now was the time to break beyond repair. A piece of metal snapped he strap pinged off with impressive force. What on earth was I going to do with one boob in and one boob out?

I called the sales assistant for some…assistance, hoping I’d be able to wear the new bra and pay for it under supervision. She was not impressed with my idea. So I left the changing room with one boob roaming wild and a bruised ego. I hastily swapped the white bra in my hand for a black one and paid for it, making a beeline for the exit. Off to the toilets I went for a quick outfit change only to find, to my horror that the bra had been put on the wrong hanger and I’d just bought totally the wrong size.

On I marched to Marks & Spencer where I purchased the best two bras I’ve ever had in my life (linked) and promptly put one of them on instead. I then had to go back to John Lewis to return the offending article. What a lot of drama!

brasAt this point I probably should have taken the win and gone home but I was hungry and determined to get more shopping done once I’d found lunch.

I had to go to three separate places and wait in three lines only to get to the top of each to find they had no soup or hot food to speak of. Only vile prawn sandwiches or brie paninis remained. I really can’t believe that no-one had the sense to put a little sign on the counters explaining this – given that the queues were so long it took me 2 hours to visit these three places and leave empty-handed. At last I was saved by a baked potato in Debenhams, I really think I would of burst into tears if they hadn’t of had anything left.

IMG_1137Things were now, officially, looking up. I finished the day off with a few more purchases – just boring things like tights, leggind and slippers but I was a happy camper. Especially as I got to meet Matt from work and get a lift back home.

In future I will absolutely not being going shopping alone again this side of Christmas. It is far too busy for one hormonal gal to deal with alone!