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Meeting Baby – First Trimester

I had my first ultrasound at 11+3 on 5th November 2014. It was a totally unique experience that I don’t know if I can do justice in this blog post but here’s hoping!

Matt and I both took the day off as a holiday so we could spend the whole day together. Our appointment was at 10am so I was up early and had visions of a romantic, leisurely breakfast. Real life came along pretty quickly and we spent the morning stumbling around looking for our stuff, dodging each other in the bathroom and grabbing a cereal bar on the way out the door.

Here we are, feeling excited in the carpark

Here we are, feeling excited in the carpark

Once we got to the clinic it was a short and excited wait. We were both giddy and must have looked like we were sitting outside the principals office waiting to be told off for some hilarious crime like starting a water fight at lunch.

The scan itself was a surreal experience. For the sonographer it was very much just another foetus but we were mesmerised! I didn’t expect to see baby moving around and every little twist and turn he/she did gave me another fit of the giggles.

Matt managed to, rather expertly, covertly film the whole thing. There are supposed to be strictly no cameras in the room but we were living dangerously!

Once we’d seen the heartbeat and a few measurements had been taken the sonographer carried out the nuchal translucency test which is early screening for downs syndrome. This wasn’t something we were concerned about but as the option to test was there we took it – Results came in recently and the likelihood based on babies measurements and my stats are 1:100,000



We were pretty happy with the photos and of course our main priority was making sure all was well with our bambino but I think it’s only natural to always want a better picture!

After the scan we quickly began sending the pictures round to eager family members and went for a lovely lunch, the highpoint of which was when the sugar dispenser lost its mind and exploded into Matt’s coffee making an almighty mess.

Lovely coffee, pre incident.

Lovely coffee, pre incident.

Arsty bagel 10/10

Arsty bagel 10/10

All in all the scan was a life changing moment filled with laughter and hopes for the future. It was definately an experience we’ll never forget! My second scan is scheduled for 9th January 2015 when I will be almost 21 weeks and it can’t come soon enough.

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