Musings on Trump & Hope in 2016

So today America chose Donald Trump as her next president. Personally I view this as one of the greatest tragedies of my lifetime but I respect that others will feel differently. Honestly I suppose after Brexit (shudders) we shouldn’t have…

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The 5 Things Body Confidence Challenge

I was tagged by the beautiful Eilidh from Mummy & Monkeys to take part in the ‘5 Things Body Confidence Challenge’ You can have a read of Eilidh’s post here. The idea behind this body confidence challenge is that you find…

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50 things that make me happy 

I wasn’t tagged to do this but that’s irrelevant 🙂 Read on to find out some of the things that make me really happy, in no particular order! Please consider yourself tagged too. When we get a good parking space…


Protect Yourself From Negativity

I’ve had a few conversations / interactions / days recently that have lead to me having feelings of negativity and frustration. I hate that uneasy feeling of discontent or dissatisfaction with life that can creep in so easily. The conversations and…