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7 Totally Selfish Reasons to Breastfeed

I’d like to think we can all agree that breastmilk is the absolute best form of nutrition for a human child. Of course breastfeeding isn’t always right for every woman or child but that’s really irrelevant to my post. Just…

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Should I Feel Guilty? *Guest Post*

As you probably know I am off sunning myself in Crete this week – well at least I hope I am! In reality I’m probably sweating profusely whilst trying to wrestle Luisa into a sun hat for the 29th time…


Have Some Backbone, Mama

Generally speaking I’m a bit of a pushover. I can talk the talk when it comes to being assertive but in practice I’m the type to look at my feet and mumble whilst I’m subjected to some minor injustice then…

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Discovering Baby Massage At Home

Before Luisa was born I spent a lot of time reading books and researching online to find out what kinds of activities we could do together. I really wanted to get involved in as many clubs and classes as possible…

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How I Stay Sane with a Baby

I’ll start by saying I’m not sure it’s possible to stay sane when you have a baby but I’ve been trying so I thought I’d share a few of the things I do for me when I have the time….


Newborn Essentials – The Definitive Guide

Somewhere safe to sleep. Good food, often. Someone who loves you both. Whether it’s your other half; mum, best friend, anyone will do! A sense of humour. The only way tried and true way through a poonami. Something to wear….