Luisa Isla Rose – Now You Are One

Now you are one. At first you were a tiny spark of a baby, now you’re a wonderful joyful storm. There’s no part of my life that you haven’t transformed simply by being. Over the last 365 days I’ve spent at least 14…


Baby Girls First Birthday Gift Guide

If you’ve seen my social media recently you’ll know that today, May 12th, is Luisa’s big day. I know everyone says this but I have no idea where the last year has gone. Sometimes I can still hardly believe she’s…


Making Baby’s Birthday Cake

Until a few weeks ago I had no intention of making Luisa’s birthday cake. I am not a baker by any stretch of the imagination. Sure I can cobble together some scones and a decent apple pie, I’ve even turned…

Luisa, weaning

Teaching your baby to drink from a cup

As you probably know Luisa is breastfed & despite my best efforts has always refused a bottle. As weaning progressed she started to actually eat much more in one sitting, as opposed to just have a little taste and then…

Blogging, Luisa

Should I Feel Guilty? *Guest Post*

As you probably know I am off sunning myself in Crete this week – well at least I hope I am! In reality I’m probably sweating profusely whilst trying to wrestle Luisa into a sun hat for the 29th time…