World Book Day 2017 Costume Inspiration

World Book Day 2017 is fast approaching. On March 2nd Children across the country will be dressing up to celebrate their favourite characters and authors. Many schools and nurserys will have a programme of book related activities throughout the week….


Festive Play Ideas for Toddlers

Today I’ve got a guest post from Fundamentally Children all about different activities and games you can try with your toddler this Christmas. This post isn’t sponsored or anything, I just really like the company as they have a great…

young-parent Luisa & I

Bonding With Baby – A Work In Progress

Bonding with baby is a funny concept – on the surface it sounds so simple, like something that just happens, as though it’s not something you need to actively ‘do’. In reality that’s not always the case, sometimes having a…

moving house with a toddler - books to help
Luisa, Parenting

Tips for Moving with A Toddler

Well folks it’s almost December which marks a year living back in Belfast. We moved home from Edinburgh when Luisa was about 6 months old to be closer to family and have a lower cost of living.     This…