Meningitis B Vaccine – Our Experience

I’m writing this post to pass on some of the information I received prior to Luisa having the Meningitis B vaccine and to tell you about our first hand experience. It isn’t my intention to incite debate around the issue…

Books For Baby, Luisa

Books for Baby – August 2015

If you’re bookish or live in Edinburgh you probably know that the Edinburgh International Book Festival runs in August and is a pretty big deal for authors, illustrators and book lovers alike. It’s an amazing opportunity to attend talks and…


Baby Gear — My Holy Grail Products

There is so much baby gear out there that I still find it all a bit daunting. Before Luisa was born I really didn’t know what would be a gimmick and what we’d really love. I can count on one…


Newborn Essentials – The Definitive Guide

Somewhere safe to sleep. Good food, often. Someone who loves you both. Whether it’s your other half; mum, best friend, anyone will do! A sense of humour. The only way tried and true way through a poonami. Something to wear….