I don’t know about you but I suspect you’re like me in that taking time out for yourself is low on the priority list… Between ‘mum’ duties, household stuff, your own work and childrens social commitments sometimes we all go into auto pilot and forget our needs. In fact I feel like between clubs, classes and birthday parties Luisa has a better social life that I do!

Yes, you need to care for your family, your home, your job , and because of all of that, you can easily feel there isn’t enough hours in the day. Honestly, some days there isn’t! That said, I do feel like how you look can have a real impact on how you feel. Be that mentally, relating to your own self esteem, or even how productive you are during the day. Often I don’t take the time to ‘get ready’ for my day and begin working wearing pyjamas and it does make me less focussed. It’s a habit I really want to change and I think spring is the perfect time to do it.

However, I want to be mindful of not fuelling fast fashion, spending money I don’t really have on things I don’t need which do the planet no favours. So here are some tips to inject a bit of fashion and style into your life this spring more sustainably.


Shop your own wardrobe

The one thing you can do straight away is to take inspiration from your own wardrobe. We all have tonnes of clothes, but yet we probably all turn to the same staples. So it may be time to start thinking about the clothes you do have and the things that you can do with them. It is so easy to just pick up the same outfits each week or day for comfort and ease, and while those two things are important, you may still want to think about the person you were pre-children. Shopping your own wardrobe may remind you of some of the things that you forgot you have, and inspire you for different outfits.



Create a capsule wardrobe

The next thing you could think about to make choosing outfits more simpler in the morning is to create a capsule wardrobe. It could be that you have a separate capsule wardrobe for working clothes, or for everyday. These are pieces of clothing that work well together. A mixture of of patterns, colours and even textures which complement each other. Jeans and trousers mixed with shirts and tops that could be easily put with different items to create different outfits. It is one of the easiest ways to feel inspired as the less you have to choose from, the more you are likely to be adventurous and to try different combinations. Why not try it and see for yourself?

Invest in classic pieces

Of course, you may want to think about buying yourself a few new things to inspire the other clothes you have in your wardrobe. This is when things like classic pieces such as a good pair of fitting jeans, a nice jacket, or something classic like a coat can really add to your wardrobe and make a huge difference to the outfits you choose each day. I try not to jump at the latest trendy print and only buy it if it’s something I can see myself wearing for years to come. If you are stuck on what sort of pieces to invest in Pinterest and Instagram are full of pictures and links to some great posts that can help you to get out of the rut that you are in. I personally love watching Erica Davies Sunday Styling stories – she’s got a real focus on reworking what you already own that i’m loving right now.


Don’t forget the accessories

No outfit is complete without the accessories. So you may want to spend some time thinking about how you can incorporate that into your everyday looks. Whether you choose hoop earrings as more of a statement, or look to add different necklaces or bracelets to your outfit to create a different look, the accessories you choose can really make a difference. I for one used to wear jewellery and accessories like hats or hairbands all the time but they were quickly forgotten in the business of being a new mum. Now that I have a little more time I’m trying to get back to something I once loved.



Comfort is key

Sometimes you just need to think about the comfort side of things, and that is understandable. As a busy mum you are likely to be on your feet a lot, so it could be time to start thinking about what works well for you. There is no reason why you still can’t rock that skirt or dress with converse trainers. Those t-shirts and jeans combination with a pair of ankle boots. Mix comfort with style and get the best of both worlds.


Keep it simple

Finally, keep it simple, the more complicated you get with outfits the less likely you are going to feel confident in the clothing. If you want to feel good then start things off with simple choices. Inject a bit of colour here and there, add a bit of pattern or a different texture, and mix things up a little. But only enough to still make you feel confident in the clothing you are wearing.


Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to changing your fashion choices in the spring.