Summer is a popular time to travel because of the nice weather, but for some people, the heat is too much to handle. Traveling in Autumn can be an ideal time for those who can’t stand too much sunlight exposure or those who don’t want to be in public places together with many other people. Which is completely understandable, especially in times where Covid-19 has ravaged the world. 

Here are a few ideal destinations to consider for your holiday experience during the autumn season…


1) Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of the places you have to visit while in Iceland on your Autumn vacation, as it is among the most coveted attractions in Iceland and in the world. The lagoon is famous for its steamy milky blue water and its black lava rock landscape that is sure to amaze anyone who visits the place. Additionally, you can explore Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel where you can enjoy your stay in this gorgeous geothermal spa. Why not book a car with so you can see more sights like the famous black churches. This will for sure put a cap on your best experience in Iceland.



2) Dubrovnik, Croatia

With its massive walls decorated with towers, turrets, palaces packed with art treasures, and churches, Dubrovnik may well be the highlights of your vacation in Croatia. Beyond the tall walls lies a beautiful coastline with clear water and an ideal resort destination. With galleries, festivals, and stunning offshore islands, you will have the best vacation in Autumn because the beaches and restaurants will not be as full as they would’ve been in summer.


3) Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital and besides its cheap cost of living, it also offers an incredible collection of historic buildings, museums, cafés, and eclectic nightlife and music that will be sure to sweep you off your feet. For the perfect Autumn getaway, you have to add Lisbon to the list of most breathtaking cities to visit.


4) Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a charming city to visit, boasting of a perfect balance of valuable tourist attractions from the past and innovations of the future. While in the city, ensure you visit the quaint medieval Old Town containing breathtaking narrow, winding streets, Scottish bars and pubs, plus vintage buildings that are centuries old. On the futuristic side of the town, you will find modern Georgian townhouses, many shopping malls, and museums. Edinburgh is a beautiful tourist attraction, especially during Autumn for those who enjoy less populated destinations.



5) Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a strategic city to have an Autumn staycation as this city is located in the middle of several holiday destinations in Eastern or Western Europe. This city is called “the heart of Europe” for precisely this reason, and if you want to explore much of Europe, this is the best place to stay in.

Traveling in Autumn is a good idea for those who don’t enjoy crowded spaces during their vacation. Also, in Autumn, you can enjoy price offs because it is not during the season. Even if the summer is over, you can still visit your favourite destinations and enjoy less populated fun places that you might have overlooked due to mass tourism.