Do you need gift ideas for a creative child? Maybe your own child is a budding artist or you have a nephew who loves to snip and build and create. Luisa ticks all those boxes and over the past year it’s become very clear to me that making, exploring form and texture and the creative process is her passion. The more I embrace her love of doing (which doesn’t always lead to making but we’ll get to that later) the happier she is and the more we can connect.

Before I delve in to my product recommendations I want to take a quick second to say this isn’t sponsored and i’ll not receive any compensation if you purchase.

I mentioned above that a lot of Luisas creative play doesn’t lead to an end product of ‘piece’ being produced. As soon as I learned to embrace the process and not focus so much on the project everything changed.
She was able to play independently for longer and get more joy out of it. She learnt how to come up with ideas, form a plan and explain it. Most importantly, she let go of the anxiety that came with not knowing how to make something specific and embraced the process too. This was/is such a great teachable moment for life more generally and has given her more freedom in all areas of play.

This is a topic I’m very passionate about so if you’d like me to talk more practically about how to encourage and support an anxious child to let go of perfection and embrace creativity let me know!


Without further ado these are the products I think you should consider as great gifts for your creative child.

A great big craft kit is a fantastic way to kick off a creative collection or top up a much depleted craft cupboard! Whilst we do love smaller kits to make specific models etc I think a basic craft kit encourages more creativity. Luisa loves to cut and stick and so we allowed her supervised access to proper scissors from a young age. This paid dividends when she started school as her fine motor skills are fabulous. Washi tape, googly eyes, stickers and stamps are always a popular and affordable gift.


Blocks (cheaper but compatible with lego) and troll tattoo set – both PoundToy. Colour in cardboard rocket playhouse and giant box of craft – Hobbycraft. Rainbow necklace – MeriMeri.

Last Christmas we bought the cardboard colour in shop from Hobbycraft and it was one of the best presents by far. From the building to the (endless) decorating opportunities and the eventual pretend play – we really got out moneys worth! This year we’ll probably get the igloo and give it as an advent activity/present – it’ll be the most wonderful December treat.


Junior Toolkit from Clas Ohlson. Future Artist T-Shirt by Young Double. Snow Fairy Fun from Lush. Build Your Own Den kit – The Works. Pencil long sleeve top – Duns via BabiPur.

If your child shows an interest in photography you might want to consider getting them a camera – there’s a whole lot of kids specific cameras which are robust but tend not to be great quality. The other option is an instant print camera like an Instax, they’re reasonably bulky but light and very easy to use. We were reluctant to invest so initially got Luisa a cheap children’s digital camera from ebay. This year we’re leaning towards an Instax or Polaroid Pop for Christmas.

Fun from Lush is a lovely gift idea for creative children. You can use it as playdoh, soap, a bubble bar or all of the above. Every little artist needs to take a bath!



If you’ve been struggling to think of gift ideas for a creative child in your life or are keen to encourage more creative play I really hope this helped. As I said above this is a topic I could talk about all day so feel free to leave me a comment or continue the conversation over on social media.



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