Learning about your own culture as well as the culture of others is so important. Culture is a strong part of people’s lives, influencing their views, values, hopes, and loyalties- as well as their worries and fears. When it comes to building meaningful relationships with others, having a perspective and understanding of their culture can be incredibly useful. This is something we can teach and encourage from a young age in our children, here are some fun ways to go about it. 


Go to a show

Going to the cinema can be a lot of fun, but there’s something particularly magical about seeing a show. The atmosphere, the costumes and live actors, the fact that every show is unique where it’s being acted live. Once your kids are old enough to be able to sit through a show and pay attention, consider booking theatre tickets. You could start off with a Christmas panto to get a feel for it, since these are aimed at kids it will help to introduce them to the experience. There are lots of other great shows from The Lion King to Cats to Wicked that will also appeal to children and are fantastic for all the family. Theatre remains an important art form for understanding a culture and society. Modern playwrights use theatre to express opinions about current events- whether those events are cultural or political.



Encourage them to try new foods

We live in ever changing societies, many places in the West are now truly multicultural which makes for incredibly interesting times to live in. One way we can learn more about these cultures in a fun way is to try new foods; from Indian to Korean to Iranian, European and much more. Each type of cuisine will have ingredients., herbs, spices and cooking techniques that are specific to it. By trying new foods you can teach them about the origins of the ingredients and much more as a way to supplement their learning. 


Visit a religious building

Religion and culture go hand in hand, so teaching your children about different religions is something that’s well worth doing. Many religious buildings for lots of types of religions are open to the public, and welcome people in to take a look around and learn more. From churches to mosques, temples and synagogues, you can teach them information from books and the internet and supplement this by visiting places in real life to pique their interest. 



Go to the museum

Museums give us a window to the past, they help us to understand where we’ve come from and important events in history. From the evolution of species to museums about wars, transport or specific culture, they’re all worth a visit. Many museums have fun, interactive exhibits designed for kids- it doesn’t have to mean trawling around looking at dusty old relics! If your child has a specific interest (for example trains, dinosaurs, ancient Egypt) you could encourage this further by attending a museum based on this.