*Unpaid partnership with shopDisney – gifted costumes and accessories. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Earlier this month shopDisney emailed to ask if we'd like to explore their fancy dress range. They offered to send us a couple of surprises and asked that we let Lu's imagination run away with her whilst we capture some photos of the range. If you're a regular reader you'll know Lu has a penchant for dramatics so I knew she'd love the chance to transform into some of her favourite characters.

As you'll see there's a real contrast to these characters, at least as first glance...

child in a red spiderman mask

When our box of goodies arrived from shopDisney both Lu and I gasped as we opened the box. The costumes are stunning, so true to life - like something I would expect to see on set not in my home. Lu wasted no time and was into her spider-man suit within a few minutes. It's really soft and has no irritating seams that i've found with other fancy dress costumes in the past. The gloves that come with this suit have web projector lights which are super easy for little hands to use and a lot of fun. We've all a turn playing with the spider-man mask - It says a bunch of catchphrases from the recent films which our whole family enjoyed.

It's your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

There's no denying the Tangled costume from shopDisney is beyond opulent. It's so detailed and well constructed it feels more like a wedding dress than a fancy dress costume! I'm honestly still blown away by the detail of it and how full the skirt is - it's a show stopper for sure.

This costume really captured Lu's imagination, she loves to give royal orders (!!) and dance with her skirt swishing around her. True to form, she quickly went off-book by using her long plait to rescue some imaginary friends. A modern princess!

What really made me smile was the fact that whichever costume she was wearing the girl inside still only had one wish for her day... adventure.



Thanks again shopDisney for these gorgeous treats. Visit the shopDisney site to see the rest of the fancy dress range yourself.