I don’t know about you but when I think of the concept of ‘home’, images of warmth and comfort spring to mind. To me home is a place to relax, spend time with loved ones and generally recuperate and recover from whatever else is going on in life. Home needs to be our respite- a place where we can go to completely rest and unwind, the trouble is that the property we live in is not always perfect.

Our lives are always evolving, we have children and pets, we change jobs, the way we use our home can evolve and the demands we place on our living space change. But the building itself remains fixed, meaning we can get to a stage where a home that was once perfect for us is no longer quite right. You don’t always need to move or even renovate, in some cases making small changes can make a big difference and make it easier to live your life at home. Here are some examples. 


Define areas

Most of us use the rooms in our home for different functions. Your living room might also house your dining table, your bedroom might have a desk/ home office area in the corner. If you’re using your rooms for multiple purposes then consider defining the areas. In the case of a dining area, you could have proper dining lights installed over the table and place a large area rug underneath. That way it looks like it’s supposed to be part of that space. If it’s a desk in a bedroom, fit some shelves on the wall behind, a pin board and again find the right lighting. This helps to make sure everything has a place, and your home functions in the best possible way. We’re actually in the middle of redesigning our living room because it needs to be play room, lounge and office all at once.


differed coloured lego bricks lying messily on wooden floor

Lego is taking over our house too!


Use smart devices at home

Smart home can definitely make life easier at home. Turn lights, heating and appliances on and off with the touch of a button or using your voice activated speaker. Link everything up to your home computer, find the best browser for Mac to do this and then run things through here. Instead of having to manually adjust everything you can control the appliances and things in your home from anywhere in the world. If you’re on holiday, you can make your home appear that someone is in. If you arrive home with a ton of grocery bags in your hands, you can turn on the lights with your voice instead of fumbling for switches. You can create things like shopping lists with your voice, through an app and on your computer which all sync up seamlessly. 



Declutter and organise

One of the biggest issues that many of us have at home is that we don’t have enough space. But upsizing isn’t always the answer, in many cases, all you need to do is declutter. Get rid of what isn’t useful to you, find good storage solutions for everything you plan on keeping. Your home will feel more spacious and it will be much easier to tidy up as well and find what you need.