Whenever Luisa was born Matt and I were living in Edinburgh, hundreds of miles away from our families. As you’d expect they were all super supportive and only too happy to visit us, help out with Luisa and let us have a break occasionally as she got older. Looking back on those first months now it’s all a fun blur of visiting uncles, aunties and grandparents. Of course, despite being spoilt with helpful house guests, we spent a great deal of time alone – especially Luisa and I.

Whilst the memories might be rose tinted four years down the line there is no denying the early days with a baby are hard work. I feel like with your first especially everything is SO daunting, there really is no manual and just when you’ve got it nailed… everything changes again. Milestones and leaps come thick and fast but that first six months is the most incredible transformation and a joy to witness. Especially when you’re firmly out the other side!!



The reason I’m taking this walk down memory lane is because I’m working with Infacol to spread the word about Colic Awareness Month. Infacol is Britain’s number one colic remedy and has been used by generations of parents to soothe trapped wind, colic and griping pain. It can be used from birth and is sugar, alcohol and colourant-free. Infacol want all new parents to know that there’s no manual, every day is different and we are all doing our very best. If your little one is showing signs of colic do visit their website or talk to your GP for more information – there’s no need to suffer alone. You can also use the tool below to enter to win a cute bundle of goodies from Infacol designed to make the first 6 months with a new baby easier for everyone.



Both Matt and I know we are so lucky to have had supportive families behind us, they’ve definitely had a really positive impact on our parenting experience so far. As I said before in the early days they were ready to muck in when visiting and always just a phone-call away for support. Once we moved back home of course we had more day to day input which was fab. That said… by far the greatest ‘gift’ our families gave us was the headspace to figure things out on our own.

Honestly, with the benefit of hindsight, I can’t thank them enough for knowing when to offer advice and when to let us find our way. Like most families there were times when we had a different approach and that can feel difficult – especially as a knew parent but here’s the truth… Four years down the line, I’ve got a wonderful daughter who is loved beyond measure and we are all immensely proud of.

If you’re reading this as a new parent and are sometimes struggling to stand firm in your parenting choices my advice would be to take a deep breath, do your research and trust your gut. I really hope that your family adjust to your new role too and give you the freedom to parent your way.


Prize image contains baby vest with pink elephant on, pale pink cuddle toy elephant and infacol

Prize bundle includes a sleep suit, Infacol, Izzie the elephant cuddly toy and muslin cloth.


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