Did you realise that every year, 1 in 4 women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth? To me that’s such a shocking statistic – you only have to ride a bus, visit the supermarket or the park to be surrounded by people who could very well have been though the absolute worst and you’d not know.

Tommy’s are committed to reducing this unacceptable statistic that devastates families up and down the country. This year they’ve partnered with Water Babies to help raise awareness of the work that Tommy’s do as well as much needed cash to fund their new research centre.



Families who already attend a Water Babies class are invited to take part in the Tommy’s Splashathon to help other babies who aren’t so lucky. Their local Water Babies class will be holding a special fundraising, Peppa Pig pirate and princesses themed class. The little ones will be encouraged to dress up, and there will be lots of water-based fun, including a challenge to swim a width. These pirates and princesses themed Splashathon events are aiming to raise £1 million this year to help prevent baby loss and fund a new research centre.



If, like us, you don’t attend a Water Babies class there are still lots of ways you can support Tommys. You can make a donation directly via the fundraising page and help push them closer to that overall target of £1m raised. You can also have some fun with your children by taking part in this funny quiz that Water Babies have developed – it’s a good way to get your children as well as friends and family talking about the partnership between Water Babies and Tommys and help raise awareness about a really sensitive topic.

Let’s help save babies’ lives. Make a splash, donate some cash.