I can hardly believe I have a four year old, despite that fact that she tells everyone we meet that she is so totally a big girl now because she is FOUR. ‘Three’ was an absolute blast, harder that two for us but fun fun fun. There’s not really any point to this blogpost I just wanted to share a bunch of recent photos, some older memories and say goodbye to ‘three’.

Three was a big year, full of change growth and milestones. Lu cracked potty training, she started nursery, became an absolutely chatterbox with a vocabulary that stops people in their tracks daily and developed her own identity. She loves to cook, do art, gardening and play with her babies. She can ride a bike, scale and climbing-frame and is very funny.


The photos below are from a lovely slow Sunday we spent at my Mums, just before Easter. As you can see we went up to the attic and got down all the Playmobil my brothers and I used to spend hours wrapped up in. Some things never change.



I’ve linked up with Donna (What The Redhead Said) for her Living Arrows series which celebrates childhood.