Midi skirts aren’t having a moment, they’re here to stay and I am down with that. For a long time I thought they just weren’t for me, I saw them as only being ‘flattering’ on tall willowy figures. Since I put that nonsense out of my head and embraced the midi skirt I’ve fallen in love. They’re really the perfect way to feel a bit fancy when all your doing is going to Tesco and the park. They’re practical, comfortable and can work for day or night.

I thought I’d share some tips for anyone else out there who’s worried they won’t ‘work’ for their figure or wants advice on how to make a midi skirt look casual and fun. My only mini-regret is that I didn’t embrace them sooner.


My Golden Rules for Styling Midi Skirts

  1. If you’re petite watch the length. Midi can quickly become maxi if you’re under 5’3.
  2. Let the skirt do the talking. Pick a bold colour, print or patterns and keep the rest of your outfit understated.
  3. If you’re curvy I think a skirt with pleats looks and feels fantastic.
  4. Bare legs look best. By all means wear what you like but I really think bare legs are the way to go.
  5. Tuck your top in or wear a cropped top. This is the most important rule in my opinion. A full, floaty skirt needs to be balanced by tucking your top in to the waist band. French tuck, full tuck or tied in a knot – experiment and see what works best for you.



Lots of style gurus (not me) say you should always wear heels or pointed flats with a midi skirt to elongate your legs. Whilst this definitely does look great for me it’s not that practical. I need to be able to keep up with a three year old on a scooter and a cocker spaniel so it’s boots or trainers for me! My trusty Dr Martens are still going strong and I’ve had them two years now – if you’re thinking of investing in a pair of boots as tough as motherhood I really rate them. Love The Sales have lots of discounts on Dr Martens so hopefully you can bag a bargain there.



If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I love a graphic tee / midi skirt combo but there are lots of other options too. A fine knit jumper, a blouse or off the shoulder top all look wonderful. The great thing about midi skirts is you can make them look casual or easily dress them up for date night. I did rather well in the Marks and Spencer sale recently so my midi skirt collection is steadily growing! I can see myself wearing them for years as I feel fab and am really comfortable.

Have you worn a midi skirt before? If not have I tempted you to try one?


Here’s a few more photos from a recent day out and Inch Abbey, if you’d like to indulge me…