I’m not sure if it’s just our family but ‘nearly four’ is shaping up to be a pretty defining time. There’s absolutely no denying she’d growing up fast, in every way. All this change has got me feeling a bit sentimental so please do indulge me while I talk about some red trousers and how they made me realise the joy of being nearly four.



Chubby legs and rolypoly wrists are a thing of the past – replaced with long limbs that are strong and impossibly flexible.

Almost four is fun and full of adventure.

Almost four can run really fast.

Can jump and climb and hold it’s own weight.

Almost four embraces the world with curiosity, joy and so much determination.



This period of massive growth of course means new clothes, ones that are tough enough to withstand play. Clothes that grow with you and don’t hold you back. Clothes that are as fun and alive as you are. Before Christmas Luisa was sent some pieces from Vertbaudet – I have another post about party-wear coming later this week but today I need to tell you about these red trousers.

If you’ve been here for a while you know red is Lu’s favourite colour by a mile. Let me tell you, it’s harder than you think to find red clothes so you can imagine the smile on her face when these appeared. They’re lean and long with an adjustable waist. They’re soft but strong and wash like a ribbon. Plus, they have sequins.



I feel like bright, fun clothes are absolutely perfect for this stage in life. A colourful wardrobe really compliments the joy of being nearly four, or five or six. The world is exploding and you’re finally big enough to really get stuck in and have more independence.

I’ve put together a few little graphics showcasing some of my favourite bits and pieces from Vertbaudet below. We’ve been customers of theirs for a few years and, as you know, were recently gifted some clothes. I really rate the quality and appreciate that a lot of work goes in to refining the fit – particularly of their denim.



Many of their jeans come in narrow, medium, wide and large fits so no matter your child shape you can find something comfortable. At the moment Luisa is quite long and lean so we struggle to balance that. She has two pairs of jeans from Vertbaudet in narrow fit and one in medium which we cinch in using the elasticated toggles inside the waistband.



All these bright colours and soft fabrics are perfect for spring and summer. Cosy coats are on hand to counteract breezy beaches and April showers. To be totally honest i’m mostly disappointed their metallic trainers don’t come in my size. Plus we all know a ‘Baby Shark’ fanatic who would love this backpack for summer adventures and swimming lessons!



In summary, almost four is full of adventures and new experiences. The way Lu looks at the world puts a smile on my face and I love that her recent growth spurt has meant we can update her wardrobe with bright colours to match her sunny outlook and zest for life. Vertbaudet make some really good quality pieces so do check them out – I have my eye on their clever 3 in 1 parkas for next year!