If, like me, you’ve suffered from ‘bad skin’ or acne for a long time you’ve probably got a massive collection of lotions and potions promising to change things once and for all. I know over the years I’ve spent a lot of time reading various articles, watching YouTube videos and waiting for Drs appointments in the hope of finally getting to a good place with my skin. A month or so ago I realised that I have been so caught up in research and experimenting with new oils and acids that I’ve let the basics of good skincare slide.

Sleep. Water. Relaxation. Diet.

I’ve gone right back to basics, started hydrating and nourishing my skin from within with plenty of water and fresh food. I’m forming better habits like leaving my phone downstairs at night and reading a book before bed. My skin is definitely showing the benefits but it does have a way to go yet. I could really do with more sleep but as the Mother of a three year old who is rather resistant to sleep I don’t know if that’s going to happen anytime soon! For now I’ll turn to Vogue recommendations on eye creams to give me that ‘8 hours’ look, with a bit of luck.



My skincare routine right now is really simple and basic, by choice. Of course – I still have acne but my skin is in the best possible condition to start slowly introducing products to help. I’m not going to make the same mistakes as before and add 9 new creams to my routine tomorrow. It’d be too much of a shock to the system and if they did work how would I know which was responsible?

The truth is some products and medications are really fantastic, but they won’t all work for you. To make matters more frustrating our skin changes with time and often products loose their effectiveness or start to produce other side effects so we need to change it up. For example I use to love quite ‘harsh’ scrubs and cleansers that really made my face feel clean but nowadays they are too tough and leave me with drier, more sensitive skin, so I typically use resources like this to find the best organic and natural scrubs for my face and body.



My next port of call is the GP for some advice about trying a new medication but until then I’m keeping it simple with cleanser, toner, moisturiser, a topical gel for breakouts and the occasional mask.


Do you struggle with adult acne as well? I’d love to hear what kinds of treatments and products you’ve tried. In a couple of weeks I’d like to introduce a retinol cream or similar as I hear it’s the best for promoting healing and new skin cells.