It’s common to hear women complaining or reminiscing about the plethora of symptoms they experienced during their first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes these include funny anecdotes about how they “knew” at the first sign of morning sickness or theories about the sex of the baby based on the severity of the heartburn. If you’re in your first trimester and have yet to experience symptoms, you may ask yourself, “Is something wrong?” or “Is it normal to feel so normal?”

Keep in mind that every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. Instead of stressing about your lack of discomfort, you can take advantage of your state of wellbeing by focusing on activities that prepare you and your baby for your new lives together.


Talk to Your Doctor

If you’re concerned about the progression of your pregnancy, you can always speak to your doctor about any symptoms (or lack thereof). They will be happy to reassure you and may even recommend tests like an ultrasound to put your mind at ease.

As part of these routine checks, your doctor may also recommend a trisomy blood test to screen the fetus for potential chromosomal abnormalities. These non-invasive prenatal tests can be done as early as the ninth week of pregnancy. If positive, the results of this test can help you to move forward with diagnostic prenatal testing, and plan for any future healthcare that may be necessary if your baby is confirmed to have a genetic disorder.


Get Organised

This is the perfect opportunity to begin planning for your new addition! Prepare by reading books about pregnancy and childbirth, make a list of all the things you need to do before the baby arrives, research the most innovative baby technology, have important discussions with family members, and plan for childcare. There is so much to be done, and it can be in your best interest to use this time of maximum mobility and wellbeing to do it.


Take Care of Your Body

Your life will be changing dramatically very soon, and you may not be able to participate in all the activities that you truly enjoy again right away. You can use this time to try a new yoga class or work on physical fitness goals that may not be possible in later trimesters, but make sure you check with your doctor to make sure your exercise of choice is safe for your baby. Certain low-impact exercises like swimming or walking can be done throughout the entire pregnancy with many potential benefits to the mother and baby.



Finally, it’s important to relax and take care of yourself during this time. There are numerous proven benefits to a stress-free pregnancy. In a few months your life is going to be a lot different and you will have less time to focus on you. Schedule a prenatal massage, get a pedicure, go on that trip you’ve been putting off, or take that pottery class you were meaning to get around to. This is your chance to treat yourself and enjoy your symptom-free pregnancy.