I haven’t posted one of these little updates for a few months, shame on me! Luisa is 3.5 going on 35, she’s funny, imaginative and full of life. Today I thought I’d share some of her news and photos from the past couple of months as well as mix things up with a short interview with the woman herself.



A few weeks ago we had an interview with her nursery teachers – I was a little nervous as you  know she’d been slow to settle at first. Towards the end of October she seem a lot happier to me but I was still worried about what they’d say. Turns out it was all for nothing as they couldn’t be happier.

Since the half term break in particular she’s come in to her own, loves to play and learn, get’s involved in the activities and enjoys helping out at snack time. Phew!

One of the best moments of her first term, for me, was when she ran back in to the classroom to hug her teachers goodbye. I’ve never seen her initiate a hug with someone who wasn’t very close family before so it was super sweet.



Interview with Luisa

What’s your favourite colour?

Red of course! But I love all colours, same as you Mem.

What makes you laugh?

My friends and silly Daddy.

Where do you like to go for a fun day?

Vertigo (softplay) and IKEA.

What is your favourite dinner?

Breakfast. And Macaroni.

What clothes do you like to wear?

Red ones.