Last weekend we received a very special invitation to join Father Christmas for breakfast at our local Dobbies garden centre. Luisa was absolutely buzzing at the prospect though I could tell she didn’t really know what to expect. To say the experience was magical would be an understatement. All three of us were absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and were totally caught up in the spirit of the season. Even Matt was positively jolly despite the early start on a Saturday!



As soon as a family arrives you’re greeted by the loveliest elves and shown to your table. Ours took the time to make sure they had Luisa’s name correct which was so appreciated. “They do know my name mem” <3 There was about four tables at our breakfast with Santa, around 12 children in total aged roughly 9 months to 10. I though the group was perfectly sized as all the children could spend time with Santa and his elves easily.

Speaking of elves… ours really made the whole experience. Honestly if I could have taken them home I would haha I don’t think i’ve ever met two people in an entertainment type role who were so perfect. They knew exactly when to encourage the children, how to hold them captive with a story and were able to gently and tactfully help with any tricky parts during the activities. Luisa now thinks they’re her best friends and I can see why!



When it came to meeting the main man Luisa was a little hesitant, like many three year olds! I loved the fact that the whole morning was so relaxed, children could come and go from the art table as they pleased or have some space away from the fun with their families. Luisa massively benefitted from this as she was able to sit back and observe the other children with Santa. After a some careful watching and a little encouragement she was happy to have a quick chat and then go back to playing with her new elf friends.



You can join Santa and his elves for breakfast or tea at your local Dobbies between 18th November and 24th December. Both include a choice of meal, activities and an age appropriate gift from Santa. Cost per child is £11.99 and adults start from £5.99. Personally I think it’s exceptional value for money as the experience is intimate, full of fun, good food and a high quality gift. Luisa had a present from WOW Toys whilst some of the older children had Playmobil or Lego.