If the many articles in the press each November are to be believed women are hard to buy for. Personally I disagree and think 9/10 if you don’t know what ‘she’ wants then you haven’t been paying attention. Anyway today I’m sharing a selection of gifts for the various women in your life that I think are quite brilliant. I’ve tried each of them out, more than once, and can testify to them being solid picks this Christmas. If you’re lacking inspiration for your sister, partner or your ‘Secret Santa’ draw read on.



The Korres Little Stars shower gel collection would make a wonderful gift for someone who travels a lot, for work or fun. This set of four shower gels is available in Tesco for £10. Scents include Bergamot Pear, Fig, Lavender Blossom and Bergamot Jasmine. The Fig is my favourite for sure but I think the set is really well balanced overall with a lovely mixture of scents. Each bottle is 40ml so suitable for carry on luggage.

Spacemasks are simply divine. They come in a box of five individually wrapped eye masks, each infused with jasmine and decorated with the coolest indigo and star pattern. When you pop a Spacemask on it begins to warm up gently and off you drift to another world for 15 perfect minutes. A must for tired mums, busy students, hustlers and honestly anyone who needs a break. Also, Spacemasks are a small business so there’s double the feel good factor for you.



This little bundle seems to me like the prefect gift for your bestie. A bottle of award winning fizz, a feminist read and something divine to nibble on. Perfection!

Barefoot Bubbly is a fruity and sparkling Pinot Grigio. It’s from California and has won over 2000 international awards. I’d like to personally present Barefoot Wines with the ‘Hannah Loved It Medal of Honour’ – a prestigious accolade, I’m sure you’ll agree. You can pick up a bottle from your local supermarket.

These Lemon Moon biscuits from Konditor and Cook came as a part of a cookie selection box, featuring three bags of festive delights. You can also purchase them separately, they’d make a wonderful stocking filler! These gorgeous little moons have a delicious ground almond biscuit base and are iced with zesty lemon meringue. Totally luxurious and a welcome interlude from heady seasonal spices.

Bosom Buddies is a perfectly illustrated, hardback, feminist coffee table book. A staple in the making I believe. It’s both educational and heartwarming, I really enjoyed reading about these fantastic ladies in the same space, as peers taking up space together. Bosom Buddies provides wonderful insight and context to stories I’m used to hearing as standalone pieces.

“Featuring 25 remarkable and inspiring female friendships throughout history, Bosom Buddies is an illustrated celebration of these empowering relationships between women. From the formidable Trung Sisters and friendly rivals Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf to powerhouse partners Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, writer Violet Zhang captures the love, challenges, encouragement, and adulation of female friendships across time. With winsome illustrations from illustrator Sally Nixon, Bosom Buddies is a tribute to gal pals everywhere.”



Time to unwind… Olverum Bath Oil is the most exquisite, carefully scented bath product I’ve ever tried. The packaging is really luxurious – the recipient will be instantly wowed when they open it.  Olverum Bath Oil is highly concentrated and contains 10 essential oils, the formulation has remained almost the same for 83 years which tells you they got it right and stuck. Wise choice if you ask me.You only need the tiniest bit to enjoy the most decadent bath of your life, honestly half a capful is enough! Now I know it might sound like i’m really over-invested in baths but as someone who rarely makes the time for a soak this bath oil has made me change my ways which is pretty impressive I think.

A lovely little complement to the bath oil would be these sumptuous biscuits from Elizabeth Shaw. I had the pleasure of sampling the Mint & Cocoa and Raisin & Hazelnut crisps. They’re like a very grown up, fine rice crispy biscuit. Ticking all the right boxes for flavour, indulgent caramel texture and pretty packaging.



Another absolute delight from Konditor and Cook are their classic mince pies. Perfectly formed with the perfect ratio of filling to pastry they are simply the best. The pastry is so buttery it’s hard to put into words! An added bonus is that the mincemeat is vegetarian.



Mavala are an authority when it comes to hand and nail care. The winter weather can be so hard on your hands I think these goodies would make a really thoughtful and luxurious gift. I’ve personally used Mava+, an intense repair cream that instantly soothes very dry sore hands as well as working to heal them and I found it fantastic. Matt’s been known to reach for it too especially after a day of working on his car.

The Nourishing Kit contains Mavaderma, a massage oil that speeds up nail growth by nourishing the cuticle and helping with blood circulation. It also includes Super Base which protects the nail from the elements and staining from other polishes. I’ve used the whole set, including the pale pink polish and my hands look and feel great!




My Brother bought me The Book of Everyone for my birthday in July and it’s genuinely one of the best presents I’ve ever received. It’s a personalised book that can be custom made by you to tell the story of the recipients life and your relationship with them. I was absolutely blown away by the content, the finish, I just loved it and really think you should consider it as a potential gift this Christmas.

The gorgeous looking chocolate bar featured above is from an exciting brand called MIA. MIA have created a small an unique range of Madagascan, single origin chocolate bars that are wholly ‘Made In Africa’. Each and every MIA product is crafted from start to finish in Africa to give greater benefit back to the communities they come from. 1% of all MIA sales is also donated to development projects in Africa itself. The entire bean-to-bar chocolate making process takes place under one roof in Madagascar and all the cocoa is sourced directly from independent farmers in the region. As soon as you set eyes on the bars you know they’re pure class. From the packaging, to the snap of the chocolate and the anticipated taste – it’s all excellent.

The Boss Babe gift set by Missguided contains 80ml EDP and an owl faux fur Pom Pom Keyring, the perfect gift for the ultimate babe! This fruity floral scent is both sweet and spicy with gorgeous undertones of sandalwood and musk. It’s a fab wearable fragrance with enough spice for the boss babe in your life.



This Bird Feeder Gift Box from Boxwild contains the essentials to feed your feathered friends throughout the winter and beyond. The set contains three bird seed blends – Boxwild Blend, Songbird Blend and All Season’s Blend as well as a bird feeder, fruit feeder and a seed scoop. Boxwild bird seed is blended in their Surrey kitchen to give optimum nutrition for garden birds. They also make a 50p donation from every box sold to various Wildlife Charities around the UK. This set would be an ideal gift for a lover of wildlife and gardening. I absolutely love the branding and the way the set comes presented in a lovely hamper style box.


Boy oh Boy! That was quite the marathon but as I said above I really believe these are all fantastic, effective products that are worthy of your consideration when Christmas shopping this year. I wanted to take the time to fully describe their features and get across my experience too. I do appreciate you staying with me for a rather long read. As always, if you’ve any questions please do let me know here or on social media – I’ll be happy to help.