As you know Matt and I love to travel and, happily, have passed the bug on to Luisa already. She loves to talk about places we’ve been, how we got there and what it was like in ‘merica in particular! Recently she’s been asking a lot of questions about where her family live and the best way to get there. She’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that she has an uncle in Nottingham and we take the plane but they have boats too or that sometimes another uncle goes to London to visit his work.

We recently had the opportunity to review the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Adventure, a sizeable interactive globe chock full of facts and activities. As soon as she saw it Lu gasped and said ‘My own whole world!!’ Adorable. The SmartGlobe Adventure requires 3 AAA batteries which are included and is turned on by pushing a small button on the attached pen.



The globe’s base has a detailed map of the UK and Ireland as well as what I’d describe as a command centre. The first step is to choose one of thirteen categories – Continent, Name, Capital, Population, Area, Currency, History, Features, Geography, Language, Highest Point, National Anthem or Amazing Facts. You then touch the pen on any of the countries on the globe and the automated voice tells the corresponding fact/bit of information. So far we’ve mainly stuck with Name, Capital, Language and National Anthem. Luisa loves hearing all the different bits of information and learning how to pronounce the names of new places.



There are also 25 games and quizzes to play – Luisa is too young to grasp them just now but Matt and I have had a go and loved them, even getting a bit competitive at times.

The SmartGlobe also had AR technology, to get started you scan the QR code with your phone to download the Augmented Reality app. You then use your phone to scan the globe and learn more about that country. The app is a little glitchy but when it works well it’s really incredible to see the native animals and famous landmarks come to life on your screen.



The Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Adventure gives your children the chance to travel hundreds of miles with the tap of a pen. It’d make an excellent gift for any child or a wonderful addition to a classroom. Lu has already learnt a lot of new facts and phrases from it and finds it incredibly easy to operate by herself. Aside from a few small bugs with the app we couldn’t be more impressed.

SmartGlobe Adventure AR is available to buy from Oregon Scientific for £59.99. You can view it, along with other globes in the range, here.