Growing up in the 90s with two brothers meant there was more action and ‘mild peril’ in our house than princesses and fairies. I wouldn’t have it any other way, my favourite films as a child were classics like Toy Story, Hook, Cool Runnings and The Jungle Book. Any time I see them advertised now it gives me such a sense of nostalgia and that warm fuzzy feeling of simpler times. Our primary 7 school play was a musical based around The Jungle Book, my role was as one of a group of cheetahs who served as narrators moving the plot along. Why I didn’t end up in a major motion picture I’ll never know…


I recently had an email from shopDisney introducing their collaboration with Kipling, they’ve designed a gorgeous range of bags inspired by The Jungle Book. Being a newly minted nursery run mum and a big fan of classic Disney of course I accepted their offer of a bag to review.



The bag I choose is the Seoul Go Laptop Backpack, I thought it’d be perfect for me to take on the nursery run and days out with Luisa. I needed a bag that was big enough for her things but also had dedicated space of my essentials – laptop, powerbank, camera etc. The Seoul Go Laptop Backpack has three main, zipped compartments with additional pockets inside as well as two side pouches for drinks bottles. My favourite little section is the small pocket on top which is just the right size for my bank card, house keys and some change.



All the fastenings and zips are really secure – as you’d expect from Kipling. I love the muted tropical colour-way and how the characters have been incorporated to make a really fun pattern.  The print is perfectly complemented by Kiplings’ signature monkey hanging on, Luisa loves him! The bag is clearly well balanced as I was wearing it this morning and kept thinking I’d forgotten my laptop, it just didn’t feel heavy enough.



I absolutely love this collaboration from shopDisney, The Jungle Book is so iconic and Kipling have used its spirit of adventure to create a very well considered and sturdy product. As well as the laptop backpack I choose there are two other backpacks, a drawstring bag and a pencil case in the range. I only wish there was a mini bag so that my own little adventurer could join in the fun too!