Family travel is all about making memories and experiencing new things together. One of the most important parts of that for me is taking great pictures. I know some people prefer to switch off more and be in the moment when they’re away but having a camera in hand is second nature to us. In fact, if I get home and haven’t ‘got the shot’ I’m always gutted. We both love photography and are always trying to push ourselves, learning more and developing our style. Travelling gives us the opportunity to really make progress as there’s just so much time to snapsnapsnap.

Here’s some tips to help you get great photos on a family holiday, I hope they help you capture more memories.

  1. Take hundreds of photos. Hundreds. We recently spent a week in Spain and took over 1000 photos, post edit we have 74 keepers. It’s not that the rest were awful, we had so much choice we could ruthlessly cut them down to only the very best.
  2. Tell a story. Think of your camera as a memory bank and document the days, snapping as you go.
  3. Get up early to avoid the crowds and harsh light.
  4. Speaking of crowds, get creative in busy places. Try new angles, shoot the details.
  5. Include your family! Yes the sunset is gorgeous and that mountain looks fab but photos with people in the shot to have a million times more meaning and those are the ones you’ll want to look back on.
  6. Research the best locations. This might sound like work not a holiday but if you want great photos, find somewhere amazing to take them. Look on the map, read a travel guide and (TOPTIP) look at Instagram geotags for hidden gems only the locals know about.
  7. In terms of kit, a variable ND filter is essential on a sunny holiday!


Here are some of my all time favourite family travel photos we took using the tips above. I’ll always say the only photos I regret are the ones I didn’t take!



I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again we’re always thinking about the next trip. Probably why we’re still renting right Mum? In terms of Instagram worthy destinations a tropical island getaway to somewhere like the Maldives or the Seychelles is definitely on my mind. I’ve been browsing Destination 2 for inspiration and I can already see those crystal waters. What’s been the best family trip you’ve taken? Are you like me, always snapping away or do you prefer to set the camera down and pick up a book instead?