As you know Luisa is starting nursery soon, she’s really excited about it but I have been feeling a bit anxious that she’d be unprepared. Of course I know learning through play is what’s most important at a young age but I couldn’t help worry that she’d be behind her peers who might be older or have siblings to learn from. I had been toying with the idea of finding some age appropriate worksheets online to help Luisa with but my worry was that I’d teach her ‘wrong’ and actually make things harder for her in the long run!

We were asked to review Mrs Wordsmith Social Journey,  a subscription box aimed at children aged 2-4 years old. The box is made up of stories, flash cards and activities that build on and develop your childs vocabulary introducing new vocabulary on a foundation of familiar words. All the themes and words are chosen to develop deeper social and emotional intelligence.

I was super keen to let Luisa get to grips with some new words but what really piqued my interest was the fact that all the words are chosen to give a deeper understanding of an emotion.



What’s inside Mrs Wordsmiths Social Journey?

  • Instruction booklet to get you started
  • A picture book with a collection of short stories
  • ‘Word of the Day’ activity book
  • ‘Word of the Day’ stand for the book
  • Pack of word flash cards



Basically you use the resources within the box to learn 20 new words over the course of the month. The journey begins with a story from the picture book, after you can build on the understanding with activity sheets and games using the word cards. The Social Journey is about much more than ‘learning words’ – giving names to feelings opens the world and helps them to communicate much better. I’m particularly enjoying hearing ‘Meemy i’m a bit peckish’ as opposed to ‘MEM I’m starvvvving’ all the time!



Luisa really likes the illustrations, they have a funny and exaggerated style that really gets the message across. I love the fact that there’s so many activities within the box, we’ve used it most days and still have so much to unlock. I’ll definitely be buying the following months as she’s really benefitted from it so far.

The Mrs Wordsmith Social Journey costs £21.95 per month, if you choose to pay in advance the monthly cost is lower at £19.45. Mrs Wordsmith ship throughout Europe and the US, they also have a programme for older children called The Narrative Journey