If you know me at all, you know I get myself in a bit of a flap when I'm nervous or stressed. It's all part of the process, I don't really want help or to be 'unflapped' just let me do my thing. Smile and nod, after a bit I work through the whole issue and take a breath again. Right now I'm about 3/4 of the way through the 'my child is starting nursery' panic so I'm writing this to distract myself and hopefully help out a few fellow flappers.

Firstly, I would say, you don't need much for nursery. Of course all are different - some have full uniforms, some have none. Luisas' has a jumper and suggests the children wear a polo shirt underneath but leaves it up to the parents.

Outside of uniform you might want to think about a bag and lunch box. Snacks are provided at Luisas nursery but we will be sending a bottle of water in her book bag. Skip Hop have a gorgeous collection of mini backpacks perfect for younger children. Lu choose the Llama design which is just adorable, I also love the Leopard. They've got seven characters in total available on mini backpacks, lunchboxes and water bottles.

Whilst a snack is provided at nursery I will be preparing a packed lunch for Luisa most days. Nursery is about a 30 minute walk from our house and she'll be famished when I pick her up at 12.30. My plan is to bring a little lunch with me to collect her and either let her have it in the buggy on the way home or stop at the park, weather permitting. I really like the look of the Yumbox from EatWell. They're leakproof, sectioned bento box style lunch boxes which are really durable and have won tonnes of awards. I love the fact that they help you portion the meal correctly depending on who it's for.

Luisa loves reading so I spent a lot of time on Amazon looking at reviews of books about starting nursery. Unfortunately I found that a lot of them seemed to dwell on the negative aspects, before offering a resolution. I know this is a pretty standard format and helps children see that something good can come from a scary situation but Lu is really dramatic and always latched on to that middle, disastrous, part of a story. I choose the three children's books above because they're very gentle and had great reviews - she loves them so far! It's OK not to share is for me, obviously but I thought I'd mention it here too because it's really relevant to that 3-4 year old age group. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through but i'm really enjoying it and finding myself positively challenged.

One thing I do still need to get is uniform labels, there's so much choice out there I've been bamboozled so if there's a brand you swear by please do let me know! Thank you.