I don’t know if it’s all the sun and fresh air but Lu must have grown a good two inches in August. Her legs are so long and although she’s still smaller than her peers she looks so lean and grown up to me. I’m not quite sure if this has been a really great month or we’re just ending it on a high. Either way I’m feeling positive about the next few months, nursery is going to be a big change for us all with a new routine to adapt to. We’ve spent the last few weeks preparing Luisa practically and emotionally while fitting in as much summer fun as we possibly can. Here’s some news on the girl herself at three years, three months.


  1. Although she can be quite fussy we’ve found a better balance with food and are slowly adding new favourites to the list. Weetabix and ham sandwiches are the most requested items currently.
  2. Art and crafts have taken over my life and my house.
  3. We’ve been playing trains a lot, which I’m loving.
  4. Lu’s slept through the night about three times this month and makes it until about 4am most days before sneaking into our room.
  5. Her feet seem to have grown a size and a half overnight.
  6. Lu loves to play with makeup.
  7. She’s been watching a lot of Dr Ranj! The medical quandaries perfectly satisfy her macabre side.
  8. Luisa loves a cup of tea!
  9. Her favourite thing to do on my phone is find all the dog accounts on Instagram.
  10. So far she seems to be totally up for the idea of nursery and the concept of being left. Long may it continue!!

That’s her, 3 years 3 months old in August 2018. Next time you read this she’ll be a whole new thing, a nursery kid. Wow <3