Hello Campers! (sorry, I know, never again) Recently we’ve had a chat about why I think you should take your children camping and why I think Stendhal Festival is a great option for young families. I’ve also been camping a few times over the past couple of months and shared the highs and lows on Instagram stories. I’d say at this point you’re either sold on the idea or you’re not likely to be convinced any time soon.

So! This post is a starter kit, a guide for all of you who are new to camping or at least new to doing it as a family. Read on to find out our must have items and some little tips to make your family camping trip a jolly success.



  1. Pack the potty! Even if your little ones aren’t in the potty stage grab a cheap one for a few pounds, the whole family can use it for emergency wees between the hours of 11 and 5am when you do not want to be trudging off to the toilet block.
  2. How suitable your tent is will make or break this trip. Not all tents are created equal but the good news is there’s something for every budget. That said, don’t just buy the biggest tent your budget allows! Look at the features and consider how suitable it will be for the kind of places you’re likely to be camping. Maybe you need a the convenience of an inflatable tent or something extra robust for camping in windy locations like the Scottish Highlands. If you’re a total newbie head to a Millets store and ask one of the experts to talk you through the tents they have on offer.
  3. Pack a Macs are a great investment. They don’t take up much space and will serve you for years. Cheap ponchos might seem like a good idea but they rip really quickly and aren’t good for the environment.
  4. Illuminate your world. We like to bring a selection of torches and lanterns when we go camping. Our tent has little toggles where we can hang up lanterns in the bedrooms and we generally have one or two for the living area. Millets have a really comprehensive selection of camping gear including lots of lighting and seating options… which brings me to my next point!
  5. Don’t scrimp on seating. One of the best things about camping in my opinion is the evening, after dinner when children are playing with sticks and other wholesome things. Or you know, scooting up and down awkwardly making friends with next door. It’s at thing point that you’ll thank me IF you’ve bought a really comfy camping chair. This would be my pick because it has a cup holder!
  6. All the powerbanks. I may have been in the Girl guides but I am not a saint, I need my phone charged end of. Also, should it rain torrentially you’ll be glad you packed the tablet/ipad/kindle.
  7. Gaffa tape will fix anything for long enough.
  8. A sturdy yet lightweight table is an essential as far as I’m concerned. Nothing is worse than crouching on the ground over a disposable BBQ for 40 minutes only to end up losing half your meal as it rolls around the plate precariously balanced on your lap. Get a table.

Here’s some other essentials that are no brainers:

  • A cool box
  • Quality sleeping bags
  • Socks and more socks
  • Comfortable air beds and an electric pump


All this might sound like rather a lot but honestly I think 9/10 when someone has a negative camping experience it’s because they weren’t prepared. If it’s your first time camping with children this year a good idea would be to go along with another family who’ve got a bit more experience. They can help out while you’re still green plus it’s nice to have a variety of people to play I spy with right?


Check out the video below for a quick look round our tent (the Hampton 6) and keep an eye out this for a full review from the perspective of a young family and a closer look at some of the features coming very soon.