Writing these little monthly updates has got my head in a spin, I love sharing the funny little incidents and changes with you as much as I enjoy reading back over them. In fact I’m loving it so much I keep checking if it’s time for the next post. At the same time, I feel like the months are speeding by and I want them to slow down! We’re on countdown to nursery and the reality of that is catching up with me.

I’m so excited for Luisa to start the journey, meet new friends and learn a whole lot. I know she is going to have the most incredible time once she settles in… but… it’s the beginning of then end in a way. Once September comes she won’t just be ‘mine’, it won’t be the two of us against the world. I mean it will, I know that it’s only nursery but it’s the start of her finding her own path and getting a little more independence every year. Wehhh, my baby!!


Anyway. Here’s ten little tidbits about Luisa from the past couple of weeks.

  1. She’s really into styling my hair, she calls it a ‘hair dude’ instead of a hair do. Adorable or what?
  2. Due to the heatwave she mainly eats icepops right now.
  3. Sleep has take a backseat.
  4. Everyday she’s scootin’ – We got her a scooter from Decathlon for her birthday and it’s really the best £23 I’ve ever spent.
  5. Potty training is done!? I guess, she doesn’t have accidents and only wears a pull up at night so I’m calling it done.
  6. Red… yep, it’s still all about red.
  7. When she grows up Luisa wants to buy a house to live in with all her uncles. Can you imagine!?
  8. Her Netflix pick of the month is True.
  9. She watched her first ‘proper’ movie the whole way through. It was ET, I couldn’t be prouder.
  10. Despite Matt having shingles she’s managed to make it to 3 without getting chickenpox.

And that’s a wrap. For more Luisaisms check out my Instagram stories where she loves to have a chat!