If you’re a parent who spends more than a couple of hours a week on social media (I see you, no judgement here) I doubt you’ll have been able to miss the ‘Eighteen Summers’ stories that have been going viral. Here’s a quick summary for anyone who didn’t spot it – We only ‘get’ eighteen summers with our children, so make them count. Make the big memories, the small ones. Appreciate it in all it’s melted ice lolly, supermarket tantrum, perfectly imperfect glory.

I’ll admit I’ve had mixed emotions about all the articles I’ve seen on the topic. Part of me thinks oh lord leave me alone, how can I enjoy every moment – it’s not ALL enjoyable!! But on the whole what I’ve taken away from this rallying cry is the drive to be more intentional and to capture more of the small everyday memories for us to look back on as a family. It’s not all about the instagram perfect photos, I want to grab hold of the tiny memories of sandy toes and summer firsts. That’s where TimeSpring come in…



TimeSpring is the modern families memory box, it’s a clever and use friendly app that allows you to schedule delivery of media to people in your circles at any point in the future.I’ve already started compiling photos from all our holidays and lazy summer days to send to Luisa when she’s 18! Over the years all the little moments and memories can be forgotten or lost but by setting up a memory bank I feel like I’m preserving some of these precious years.

Matt and I take so many photos and I always think to myself that we’re not really doing anything with them, they can’t all possibly fit on the walls or be posted on social media! Now, thanks to TimeSpring we’ll all be laughing at that photo of Luisa chasing the dog through the sprinkler in 10 years.



I think the idea behind TimeSpring is incredibly simple but very powerful. It’s not just a photo sharing app, it’s a record for your little family unit. You can capture and tell the stories of the first trip to the beach, the enormous ice-cream, your toddlers first time on a bike. They’re not just photos, they’re memories and stories brought to life and saved forever.



I seriously can’t wait for Luisa to get the first delivery from TimeSpring when she’s older, it’s going to be a really funny and special opportunity for us to reflect and share stories we’d probably have forgotten otherwise.

TimeSpring is available for free on both Android and iOS.