A few weeks ago we got the most exciting, and possibly the heaviest, deliver ever! KidKraft kindly sent us their ‘Modern Outdoor Playhouse’ to review. It’s been assembled in our garden for almost a month now so today I’m sharing our thoughts on the quality, build process and final product.



As I said above the playhouse is extremely heavy, it is wood after all. My DPD driver is obviously some kind of demigod as he managed to carry it up four steps and insisted on putting it safely in a corner of the kitchen for me. When the time came to assemble it we made sure two mere mortals were available to shift the box outside!

As soon as you open the box you’ll see that everything is neatly arranged and safely wrapped, the assembly booklet is large and detailed with both diagrams and written instructions which is a must for us! I struggle with those little diagrams but Matt prefers them. Each part in our box was labelled with a small sticker so it was very easy to unpack and arrange them in a sensible order.



Luckily for me I got a reprieve as Matt’s Dad stepped up to take control of the build. One of the things that really impressed me about the playhouse was that the predrilled holes were in the right place. Yes, really. There wasn’t one single hole, join or corner that didn’t match up perfectly. In fact, when Matt put a wall panel on the wrong way round it was easily switched with no marks, scratches or weakness caused. Take note IKEA…



The playhouse took about two hours to build in total but that was with a small assistant and a few breaks for cups of tea. I daresay if Matt’s Dad hadn’t been around things would have gotten a little heated as Matt and I just don’t have the patience he does for Lus interfering help.

I’m really impressed with the size and quality of the house, as I said we’ve had it for nearly a month now and had no issues. The wood is good quality and will last well if we look after it – it needs to be sealed after 3 month and then yearly to preserve and protect the wood.



Luisa absolutely loves her little house, it’s big enough for at least three children to play inside at once and I can confirm that large grown ups do fit… yay. As you can see there’s a large window with a bbq/grill on one side and a small picnic/espresso table on the other, these broaden the play options even more.

What makes the modern outdoor playhouse so special in my book is the little details – the post box, the sink, the blackboard. I also love the fact that there isn’t so much detail that it’s restrictive. One day we can play house and the next it’s a coffee shop, a food truck, a school or a bakery. The only limit is your imagination.



If I was to be really very picky there are two things I would change. Firstly, I’d love to have the curtains attached on a thinner rod or even a wire so that they’re easier for little hands to open and close. I would also quite like there to have been a base for the playhouse to sit on. Aside from that we had zero issues during the build and absolutely love the final product. I know it’ll be something we treasure for years and may even give it a facelift down the line with some new curtains and extra embellishments inside like more shelves or hooks for utensils.