I’ve taken to writing these little updates on Luisa after I was inspired by a friends blog post. I got a lot of lovely comments on Facebook last time and I really enjoyed putting it together so here we are again. You can read my introduction to this idea and my first post here.



Here are 10 things I want to remember about Luisa at 3 years, 1 month.

  1. I’m calling potty training a success. Luisa loves to tell anyone who’ll listen about her big girl pants and how she’s ready for nursery now.
  2. She thinks Matt is a computer doctor which is all kinds of adorable.
  3. Recently she’s started telling her own jokes which are really not funny. At all.
  4. Lu still has the funniest accent and I’m holding on to all her little quirky ways of speaking. I know she’ll start to loose them in September when nursery comes around.
  5. Despite owning (and requesting) a lot of hair accessories Luisa rarely wants to wear any. When I offer to put some clips in she says, ‘I just want to be the way I am.’ Who can argue with that?
  6. Her favourite TV shows at the moment are Daniel Tiger and Pj Masks.
  7. Macaroni Cheese is the flavour of the week (month, quarter…)
  8. Red is still her favourite colour. We decorated the living room recently and she was not impressed that red didn’t feature!
  9. She’s started getting freckles and is a bit unsure of them.
  10. Lu is really interested in exactly how everyone in her family is related. She likes to go over all the connections and laugh about how someone can be two things at the same time – like a Mum and a Nannie.