I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself to be a pretty laid pack parent, to the point that I could maybe be accused of being lazy. I’ve never been in a rush when it comes to milestones like weaning or potty training, though ‘sleeping through’ can’t come soon enough!! I often thought to myself that around her third birthday would be the perfect time for Luisa to start potty training as we’d have better weather from May onwards. Much to my disappointment she decided February was the month we’d begin. Cue frantic Amazon Prime orders, googling and interrogating friends.

Once I got over the initial shock of the situation I decided to encourage but not push her, it was freezing so nappy free time wasn’t easy to achieve and I didn’t fancy drying 17 outfits a day indoors… Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t try to slow her down. I bought the books, provided the encouragement but there was no pressure. All in it took about 3 months of casually using the potty and one month of ‘proper’ potty training before Lu cracked it. She’s now dry throughout the day and it’s all worked out perfectly in my opinion.

Later this week I’ll share the products that helped, those I wouldn’t recommend and other tips I personally learnt in our rather relaxed journey.




If you’re coming up to potty training time or you’ve got a child who’s suddenly decided it’s on here’s some advice that really helped me get it all in perspective.


Beth had the joy of potty training twins. “My advice would be, once you start don’t look back. Go full pelt (if you’re confident this really is ‘it’) as I found putting them in a nappy in the car etc confused them. For me it was all or nothing and that worked.”

Lynne also potty trained twins but took a different approach. “With my twins we trained one at a time. It was much less stressful and we took the lead of the twin who showed more interest. Lots of visuals, reward charts and stickers. We also used a few potty training apps and my dudes loved the pirate Pete potty training book. We cracked it quickly with few accidents. If I had trained them together I would be completely grey now 


We tried to potty train our son at 2 years but after 2 days of MANY accidents it turned out he really wasn’t ready so we stopped and decided not to stress about it and to let him tell us when he was ready. When he was about 2 months off his third birthday he suddenly woke up one morning and said “no nappies today mummy” and that was that. We got the potty and the reward chart out and never looked back. It really showed me the importance of not pushing children and letting let tell you when they are ready be that earlier or later than what is considered “normal”. — Ami, Through Amis Eyes


My daughter work up one day a few months before turning three, said she was wearing knickers and that was that. We’d never attempted it before, had one #2 accident and she was dry day and night within a week. I was amazed. My son is the same age and is showing no signs whatsoever.. swings and roundabouts eh? — Lauren, Scrapbook Blog


My eldest potty trained the month before he turned 4. Every other kid his age (and younger!) seemed to be potty trained, but he had no interest whatsoever. — Jenny, Monkey and Mouse

Having potty trained three children, all I can say is that they are all different and will do it in their own time. — Cathryn, Cardiff Mummy Says



So there you have it, these parent’s are pros and the overarching message is don’t stress. You’re child won’t wear nappies forever so save the whole family the heartache a follow their lead.

Long live the lazy parent!