Everyone is trying to keep an eye on their waistline these days, but with a plethora of delicious and naughty foods all around us, it can be difficult to stick to our task: to be fitter and trimmer. The good news is that dieting doesn’t have to mean that you’re eating like Peter Rabbit either! There are so many meals and snacks that seem naughty, when in fact they’re actually very low in calories. Fancy feeling like you’re cheating when in fact you’re sticking on track? Take a look at these low calorie snack ideas you’ll wish you’d known sooner.


Cucumber salad

Cucumber is really good to add to your diet because it’s basically made up of water. No matter how much you eat of it, you simply can’t go wrong with it. Why not roughly dice some cucumber, tomato, red pepper, red onion, and add some cubes of feta to the mix with seasoning? The perfect salad that feels like you’re eating too much when in fact, you’re giving your body tons of nutrition with next to no calories!


Yes, it’s possible. The almighty food that is popcorn can actually be a snack that’s good for you! The Popcorn Shed have created the best gourmet popcorn that not only tastes sensational, but also only means sacrificing up to 100 calories per bag! So, the next time you have a movie night, you can join in with your friends and family by indulging in some super low calorie popcorn!

Crackers and cheese

The nation’s favourite when you’re surrounded by your friends at a get together. It’s an easy go to that will feed everyone and is super easy to whip together. However, some cheeses and crackers are a little over indulgent but you can still enjoy crackers and cheese! Opt for healthier crackers like ryvitas, and spread on some light philadelphia for the crackers and cheese experience without the calories!



Cheesy stuffed tomatoes

Who doesn’t love melted cheese? However, the idea of indulging in something like a grilled cheese sarnie is enough to make your body think it’s gaining weight. However, stuffing tomatoes with couscous and melting a small bit of cheddar or parmesan on the top will fulfill your cheesy needs at a fraction of the calorie cost! If you really want to pack your snack full of flavour, drizzle a small amount of balsamic glaze or vinegar over the tomatoes before roasting them!

Egg on toast

There’s nothing quite like egg on toast. It’s a really easy dish to make and can potentially be very healthy for you. That does of course, depend on how you’re cooking it. Why not scramble some eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper, and serve it on wholemeal toast with light spread? Super low calories for an amazing tasting snack!



Eating healthily doesn’t always mean that you have to say no to the foods that make your mouth water. Try and be clever with the snacks that you’re making so that you can still feel like you’re eating all of your favourite naughty foods but without the calories involved! Remember that it’s important to treat yourself once in a while because if you don’t, you could fall back into bad habits!