My friend Lucy recently published a blog post about her daughter Lily who’s a similar age to Luisa, she shared 10 things about Lily that she’s loving right now and doesn’t want to forget. I really enjoyed the idea behind it and laughed at all the little ‘toddlerisms’ Lucy shared. You can read her post here. I loved the idea so much i’ve shamelessly stolen it! Here are 10 things about Luisa at 2 years, 11 months I want to remember.


  1. She has three cherished dolls; Sleepy Baby, Sarah and Keith. They’re all a major part of our family, especially poor Sarah who had her foot chewed off by the dog.
  2. Babyccinos are still the one.
  3. On Monday morning when Lu woke up the first thing she said was ‘Mem, you’re bootafull the way you are, with no makeups’ My heart!
  4. She still calls me Mem, I was ‘Meem’ for a long time and occasionally she’ll say that too – especially if she’s tired or upset. Oddly, she calls other Mums ‘MUVA’ as in ‘My baby ducks MUVA is coming to Tesco with us ok?’
  5. Favourite TV Shows : Daniel Tiger, Little Princess and Masha & The Bear.
  6. Lu is so excited about going to nursery in September. After almost every mealtime she makes me check if she gotten ‘bigga’ yet and asks if she’s nearly ready for nursery, after the summer of course.
  7. Most used words : actually, why and butbutbut.
  8. She understands the concept of days of the week, what order they come in and (most importantly) which ones Daddy is off work.
  9. Red is still her favourite colour.
  10. She takes her art very seriously. We spend at least an hour a day colouring, painting, cutting out and sticking her masterpieces back together again.



Thank you Lucy for giving me the idea to record these little quirks, I’m going to do it every so often and I can’t wait to look back on all of these memories.