*We we’re kindly sent a tutu from Angel’s Face in exchange for an honest review

About six months ago Luisa started going to baby ballet, I was really keen to get her involved in some kind of class to help her get used to following instructions and spending more time with other children. I though she’d enjoy it and it would help to prepare her for nursery. We decided to go for ballet as the local dance school to us has amazing reviews and the teacher (Miss Judith to you & I) also runs Irish dancing classes. My thinking was that if Lu decided she didn’t like ballet swapping over would be easier as she’d have the same venue and teacher.

I did have some concerns about her starting in a dance school so young, I was anxious that she wouldn’t be able to follow instruction and I was worried the cost of the kit would be eye watering. Thankfully our dance school allows the kids time to settle in before they have to purchase the official uniform – I believe it’s six weeks and you can pay for classes monthly or by term.

Needless to say we’re six months in now and Luisa is still loving ballet. As you might expect a group of two and three year old are not particularly well behaved – when one gets distracted they all tend to fall apart but every so often there’s a few moments of harmony where they all follow Miss Judith like model students.


During the week Lu talks about ballet all the time and often asks Alexa to play ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ so she can practice her routine¬† – and force us to join in, of course! I still have to hide her leotard and shoes as she would wear them just for fun if I let her.

I recently had an email asking if Luisa would be interested in reviewing a tutu from the new Charming Trinity range at Angel’s Face,¬†of course I knew my little ballerina would be more than keen. I choose a dark grey shade with the dramatic name ‘Anthracite’ but there are 15 other shades available if you prefer something brighter. Each tutu from Angel’s Face comes wrapped up with tissue paper in a vintage style hat box which is just darling. They’d make such a beautiful gift… another one for a third birthday in May perhaps!?



Luisa is totally enamoured with her tutu and insists on wearing it for every ‘special occasion’, like days out with her grandparents. I think it’s adorable to see these little legs poking out from beneath a huge fluffy skirt, as do most of the other people she meets on her trips to the park! I really can’t fault the quality of it at all, it’s extremely full and soft but despite being worn on lots of outdoor adventures has no plucks or pulls at all. I’ve even washed it a few times and it’s as lovely as ever.



The tutus start at ages 1-2 and run all the way up 12-13, you can check out the size guide on the website to make sure you pick the right waist and length for your child. I’m really impressed with the quality of the tutu, the fit and comfort factor especially. Luisa is not one to suffer in silence if her clothes are uncomfortable or make playing difficult. You might not think a tutu is for adventuring but spend a few hours with my child and you’ll soon change your mind!

If your little one is a budding ballerina of just a fan of fluffy opulence I can highly recommend the Charming Trinity line at Angel’s Face. The tutus make the most beautiful gift, one which we’ll treasure as a keepsake long after Luisa has outgrown it.