We all know the key to a good night out when you’re a parent is preparation. You need to organise a babysitter, something clean and vaguely stylish to wear and coordinate your day so that the little terrors have an early night. The following day requires just as much, if not more, prep work in my experience. Read on if you want to find out how to be the best parent ever while nursing your hangover.


glasses of rose wine on table parent hangover

Essential Hangover Supplies

This can be broken down into two categories ‘for you’ and ‘for them’, we’ll start with you.

Sure, there’s an element of personal preference here but I like to make sure I’m armed with chocolate milk, Lucozade or Coke and some convenience food. Ideally you’d make a delicious lasagne from scratch the day before but if you don’t have time a bit of shop bought oven food will do the job.

Although your kids won’t be hungover they will, mostly likely, be insufferable. I like to gather a variety of nutritious snacks that can be prepared and served with one shaky hand.

I’m talking babybel, yogurts, raisins, rice cakes, flapjacks etc. If you’re concerned your illness may last all day you might want to get one of those kiddy ready meals – we like Little Dish. Of course you could make / chop all of this the day before but let’s face it 15 minutes in Asda and you’re done.


Epic Hangover Activities

Ideally you need to find activities to amuse your kids quietly for 3-4 hours. This is no easy task! I like to kick things off with a mind numbing hour of cartoons and then move on to something more stimulating.

Play dough is a great option as it’s quiet and probably won’t ruin your home, unlike paint. You’ll get a good 40 minutes out of this if you provide cutters. Why not set this all up on a tray the night before so it’s ready to go?


old tv on distressed wood floor parent hangover


This next part takes a little more prep but it’s worth it! The day of your ‘big night out’ grab a load of small toys and set them into ice cube trays, fill them up with water and shove them in the freezer. The following day you can bring them all out on a tray or tuff-spot and let your wildling chip away at the ice to free their toys.

Bonus points if you remember to put down a big cloth! Also, if the toys are animals who live in icy climates you’re 3/4 of the way to parent of the year.


cute toddler feet eating chocolate bun parent hangover


Taking into account snack breaks by this point you’ve managed to keep the kids genuinely entertained for close to 3 hours. If you need longer some good filler options are:

  • Throwing them outside
  • Jigsaws
  • The iPad
  • Phoning your parents for backup
  • Kinetic sand (if you hate your home and want to burn it down after)


I hope this is helpful, obviously don’t feel the need to worry about my child. I am rarely hungover and when I am she clearly has the best day ever!