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The Benefits of Being a Mum Who Loves Disney

If the popularity of The Simpsons taught us anything it’s that cartoons aren’t just for kids. Neither is Disney. Disney movies, Disneyland and Disney souvenirs all exude a magic that can become addictive. That magic doesn’t have to stop the moment you grow up, and it certainly doesn’t have to stop when you have children of your own.

I feel like Disney can help you recapture your childhood feelings of carefree happiness in adulthood, particularly when the drudgery of working and raising your own family dominates your day-to-day life.

Not sure that your love of Disney enriches your family life? Here are four benefits of being a mum who loves Disney:


Your House is Filled with Disney Stuff

When you love Disney, it stands to reason that you will also love Disney toys and collectibles too. Many adult fans of Disney collect Disney-themed items, the most popular of which are ornaments and figurines. We love The World of Miss Mindy Disney pieces, which are often described as ‘Cartoon Folk Art’.

These figurines bring a whimsical and fresh interpretation to the world of Disney, and they definitely aren’t for kids! But what child wouldn’t love growing up in a household filled with fun, laughter, and intricately carved images of all their favourite Disney characters?


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You Regularly Visit Disneyland

Disneyland is often described as the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ and somewhere every child should visit at least once. When your mum is an adult Disney fan, it’s likely that many of your holidays will involve spending time at Disneyland and all the magic that at involves.

In a survey conducted by PopSugar, 75% of adult Disney fans said their ideal holiday would include a trip to Disneyland. That means that if you’re a mum that loves Disney then it’s likely that your kids will get to spend a lot of time in the parks too: and what’s not to love about that?


Disney is the Soundtrack to Your Life

Kids with Disney-obsessed mum never have to listen to the radio in the car – Disney provides the soundtrack to every journey they ever take! Singing boosts your endorphin levels, as well as your immune system, meaning that families who spend their car journeys singing Disney hits together are likely to be happier than those who don’t.

Besides, surely knowing all the words to ‘Let it go’ counts as an essential life skill: you’re helping to equip your kids for life!


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Finally, Disney is For the Young at Heart

Finally, whilst Disney definitely isn’t just for the young, it is for the young at heart. And remaining young at heart will help to make you a better parent. Being young at heart will make you better able to empathise with your children and their experiences. A mutual love of Disney will also give you a shared interest that will last a lifetime.

Mums who love Disney generally have kids who also grow up to love Disney, meaning that your building a passion that will last for generations. And one that could well be the glue that holds your family together.

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