When I thought about what I’d like to publish on my blog this year one of the things I knew had to be a priority was sharing more family life. We take so many photos and it’s a shame to let them languish in the cloud! I decided to consistently link up to Donnas Living Arrows series – a weekly short post sharing a photo of your child from the week gone by. I had this idea that we’d capture and share so many tiny beautiful moments, it was going to be glorious.

But, life with a toddler is a little more complicated than that. This past week has been… tough. Lu has a lot going on, growing up is a tricky business and recovering from the madness of Christmas is taking longer than I anticipated.

We had two really awful days this week, both ended in tears but we made it through at least. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a devil child but she is 2.5 and does not stop. The tantrums, the toddler anxiety, the questions, the jigsaws – it all gets a bit much sometimes.

Thankfully Matt is off this weekend so I have someone to share the load with. So here you have it, our week summed up. Highs, lows and babyccinos.