Post Christmas with a toddler is something I was really not prepared for. January is bad enough without a sleep deprived loon demanding presents and chocolate every five minutes. To say this week has been testing would be an understatement! That said, we have made some good progress around the house – by sorting out her new toys and the like.



Matt has been in work pretty much non stop – or at least it’s felt that way to me. On Sunday we decided the best place for a grouchy toddler was outdoors so off we went. Matts parents live close by to a really gorgeous forest and lake so we visited them afterwards and were treated to a lovely roast.

As I said in my post about goals for the year I want to try and get out more, even just to the local park. This week has been a bit of a flop in that respect as Luisa has a heavy cold – hopefully next week we’ll all get more of the fresh air we seem to need to keep an even keel.



On the topic of goals and resolutions I suppose I may as well come clean now and say I haven’t met my water target once or done any baking but I have been using my bullet journal, finished my first book of the year and worn makeup most days. Swings and roundabouts!


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