I love a positive quote, an encouraging mug, a bit of girl power merch to put a smile of my face and jazz up a flatlay. That said, I’ve never been much of a ‘goal getter’ – no matter how much I might like the idea. ‘New Year, New Me’ just does not happen round here.



I think I must have a real propensity for self sabotage as I can’t recall a single resolution that’s made it past February. Regardless, when my friend Julie told me about this idea, to set 18 realistic goals for the year I thought why not!? Why not me? If I make sure to be realistic and specific maybe I’ll actually achieve some of these. So here we are, it’s 2018 and I’ve got 18 goals.


  1. Achieving all of these goals hinges on being consistent and accountable, for that reason my number one aim this year is to use my bullet journal to keep myself organised and track habits.
  2. One of the first pages in my bullet journal is a reading log. I’m aiming to read 24 books this year and i’m off to a good start. I’ll be recording my reads in my journal, on goodreads and talking about them in a monthly blog post.
  3. Something else i’m tracking in my bujo is water intake. So far i’ve been rubbish but it can only get better!
  4. Get out and move more, I have a dog that needs exercise and a toddler that’s half wild. Daily fresh air is essential for us all so I need to make it happen. Even if it’s only a short walk it’ll be good for all three of us.
  5. Matt and I are working together to get back on the meal planning wagon, we’ve been rubbish the past few months but we know what works for us so i’m confident we’ll be in the swing of things in no time.
  6. Sticking with the health theme I’d love to loose weight this year. No, I will loose weight this year. I’m aiming for 3 stone, we’ll see how it goes! Upping my water, meal planning and moving more will all help me on the way to that one. Later this month i’ll probably write about my weight loss journey in more detail.
  7. Forgetting about me for a while, this year i’d love to bake with Luisa more regularly. She loves to help in the kitchen and to be honest, at dinner time, it’s pretty annoying having her in my way. Over Halloween we did loads of baking activities and she loved it so I’m going to make more of an effort.
  8. I love being creative and making things with my hands, over Christmas I went to two craft classes and really enjoyed them. This year i’m going to take a course, probably a more general crafting one but possible beginner sewing. I’ll start in February when Matt moves to his new job.
  9. In a similar vein this is the year I WILL use my sewing machine and make some basic pinafore dresses for Luisa. I’ve got the Pinterest board I just need the dedication.
  10. Photography is a passion that Matt & I share, we’re both going to spend more time learning and practicing to develop our skills.
  11.  I really love making videos for Youtube but it’s so very time consuming, this year i’m going to try and get a new video up weekly but i’m not going to let it stress me out if I can’t manage. My main goal here is to take the videos, capturing moments with Luisa, and not get too stressed about sticking to a rigid schedule. It’s actually quite therapeutic sitting down to edit videos on my laptop in the evening.
  12. During 2017 I started learning to drive and I was making really good progress. A few weeks of back to back bugs in our house and then struggling with childcare mean I haven’t had a lesson for months. I miss it so much and i’m really upset I wasn’t able to pass my test last year. This year I will.
  13. During my little break this Christmas I’ve started spending more time ‘pampering’. Obviously I have a toddler so it’s not been all spa days but I have bought some new skincare and started a new regime which i’m loving. I’m excited to stick with these new good habits and share how my troubled skin progresses with a little extra TLC.
  14. Something else i’ve been making more of an effort with is my hair and makeup. I love getting my ‘face’ on but I’ve been so lazy with it all this year. Looking my best makes me feel better so I’m going to be more disciplined with this, for me.
  15. Balance… the most illusive thing, apparently. Something this Christmas has shown me is how important time away from the laptop is. It sounds like a no brainer, we all know we need to be more present but having just had a massive reduction in screen time over the past two weeks I’m determined to maintain this new balance as best I can. I will NOT do any non essential work/digital stuff when Luisa is around, it’s just not worth it for either of us and I will take two FULL days away from my laptop per week. Hold me to it. Please
  16. In the past, when i’ve succeeded with cutting down how much work I do during the day, i’ve ended up with no evenings. I don’t want that to happen again so this year I’ll have at least one extra night away from social media, as well as the two ‘rest days’
  17. With Matts brothers being home for Christmas we had a very rare night out, babysitters are once again in short supply now that it’s January but i’m hoping to find a way to get out for a ‘date night’ once a month. Even if it’s just to a matinee at the cinema.
  18. The biggest thing that’s held me back, or set me off track last year is saying yes to too much. I took on too much, was too keen to help or support others. Obviously i’m not wanting to become some sort of selfish monster but I need to stop getting over-involved at the expense of my own life. Does that make sense?



Honestly, reading this, it sounds a bit unachievable doesn’t it? I’m setting myself a reminder now to check in a few months down the line and see how my 18 goals are holding up. I think if I crack the bullet journal and don’t forget to be stricter with my time (i’m looking at you Facebook) the rest will be within reach. Have you make any goals or resolutions for 2018? I’d love to hear about them.


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