We we’re send the Kids Songs CD and the goodies pictured in exchange for an honest review.

Luisa has always been the babe with the beat, from a very young age she responded to different kinds of music in varying ways – this was a constant source of entertainment for Matt & I in the early days. As she got older and slightly more mobile it was a lot of fun for us to see her different reactions to certain songs and imagine what her favourite kinds of music would be as she grew up.

Fast forward to the toddler years and music is a massive part of our day to day, Lu loves to shout ‘ALEXA play my bunny song’ and is always having a boogie to her favourite theme songs as they play on the TV. In October she also started ballet lessons which, much to my surprise and joy, she is really enjoying. We’ve booked her back in for the new term in January and I can’t wait to see her blossom and grow in confidence and skill.



We were recently send a bundle of goodies for musical tots including the new Kids Songs CDKids Songs is a triple album with 50 original recordings of children’s favourite TV themes and songs. The album features household names from children’s TV such as Justin Fletcher, Chris & Pui as well as theme tunes from shows like Go Jetters, Waybaloo, Tee and Mo, Everything’s Rosie and more.



So far we’re all genuinely really enjoying Kids Songs, there’s a good range of tracks and enough variety that they don’t start to grate on the grownups. Personally the songs from Wooly & Tig are my favourite but Luisa prefers Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew – their beat is pretty infectious so I can see why.

If your kids love Cbeebies, and let’s face it they all do, then this CD is going to be perfect for your home, car or next party. I think it makes a great stocking filler because it’s fun and affordable. Available to buy on Amazon or download on Itunes. The album will have a RRP of £5-6.