Santa Claus is comingggg to townnnn. Just kidding, you’re going to the shops. Unless of course you take a leaf out of my book and do most of your gift buying online, from the comfort of your sofa. I’ll be very transparent here, some of the items I’m going to suggest for the man in your life were sent to me free of charge – you’ll know which ones because i’ll put a little star beside them. Like this * Anyway, on with the show!

As I’ve mentioned in gift guides from previous years I am surrounded by men, I have three brothers and Matt has two. As if 6 men aged 17-27 wasn’t bad enough I also have my own Dad and Matts’ to think of. I like to consider myself a pretty good gift buyer, I’m extremely nosy and pay attention to small details. Usually I start trying to extract information from the men in my life in September to try and get some inspiration – they’re not a chatty bunch so this process takes time!

Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2017

The Meat Manual – Haynes*

I’ve decided to give this book to Matt although I’m sure my Dad and brother would appreciate it too. It’s written in the typical style masculine you’d expect from Haynes with amusing diagrams and lots of interesting info surrounding the recipes. I think it’s a great choice for anyone who likes to cook, except maybe a vegetarian! I find sometimes recipe books can be a bit disappointing, with too many everyday dishes that you already know how to make well but the Meat Manual has a really impressive range.

Vans Bobble Hat 

Again this is for Matt, lucky so and so! You can’t beat a present that’s practical and stylish so a beanie or bobble hat is almost always a good bet. I went for a green one as I feel like it will go with anything whereas if i’d gone for a black one I know he’d have been reluctant to wear it with blue – odd man. There are also some lovely burgundy ones which i’m considering for my youngest brother.

Mynt Smart Tracker & Remote

This little device is seriously clever! First and foremost it’s a thing finder, stick it on your keys, luggage, bike or in you wallet and you can use the app on your phone to track it down by making it play a melody or viewing the location on a map. The range of the bluetooth is 150ft but if you’ve lost something outside the home you can invite family, friends or members of the community to login and join the search. I think it’s a really clever little product and I’m not the only one, Mynt was crowdfunded and has a really strong backing. You can also use it in reverse, by pushing a button on Mynt to ring your phone. I honestly think this little gadget is absolutely genius and I really want one for myself.

All Black Watch from Charles Conrad*

Watches are something I often see recommended as gifts for fathers and husbands. I’ve always wanted to buy Matt a nice one because I think they’re such a lovely keepsake and very much a ‘main present’. If you can find a special watch for the man in your life all you need is a pack of socks and a selection box and he’s done. Unfortunately Matt is really not a watch person. He always felt like they were overly showy, too easy to damage and not necessary. I’m pleased to report this has now changed, it just took the right watch. Matt fell for the all black mesh watch from Charles Conrad. The strap is a fine stainless steel mesh and the face is black with copper details, it’s simple but striking and we both absolutely love it.

Charles Conrad watches are designed in London and you can change the straps so in the future Matt may switch to a leather one. When I first read that the straps were able to be removed i’ll admit I was a little hesitant. I thought that would mean it wasn’t really a solid product and would have a more high street look and feel. I was so wrong. The watch is clearly expertly made with a delicate mechanism, sturdy design and pleasing weight to it. If you’re looking for a luxury watch that isn’t too mature this is the brand for you. I’m dropping major hints that the rose gold version would be a great birthday gift for me!

T’UP Cable Clips

This little cable tidy set is really easy to install and use, very stylish and affordable. I think it makes a great gift as it’s very practical and can be used in so many ways. You can install the little bar on any flat surface like a wall or desk to keep your cables and keys tidy and in place. It’s small enough that you can also use it in your car which is something that’s made my life a lot easier.

Sheaffer Star Wars R2-D2 Rollerball Pen*

Sheaffer’s latest intergalactic-inspired collection is perfect for the Luke Skywalker, Finn or Ben Kenobi in your life. The Star Wars Pop Range features unique artwork of the fan-favourites on stylish pens in the Sheaffer Pop silhouette. Available as a fountain pen or a smooth gel rollerball, you can create fantastic stories of your own – whether you’re in Tattooine or Naboo.

Quality Ground Coffee

I picked up this bag of 200 degrees coffee for my Dad whilst on holiday in Nottingham, if you’re local you’ll know it well. I know a lot of people are gravitating towards the convenience of machines by brands like Nespresso or Tassimo but I’m a bit of a purist and so is my Dad. If, like my mum, you love your little pods then why not get some refillable pods so you can add whatever blend you fancy.

Amazon Echo Dot

We’re living in an intelligent world and this little guy is the best way to dip a toe in the waters of home automation. In layman’s terms it’s a little brain that can be used to control devices around your home with your voice. It can also work with your phone to make notes, calls and appointments – pretty nifty. The reason I think the dot makes a great gift is because it’s good value and suits someone who already has a quality speaker/radio/soundsystem at home. You can simply use it for listening to music or you can take advantage of automation by linking up wifi plugs, lightbulbs and heating systems. The dot is on sale right now for black friday so grab one now!

 Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor Kit*

This shaving kit is perfect for the hipster in your life, someone who likes to indulge in a bit of pampering and would appreciate the aesthetic of the old time cut throat razor. The set comes with enough shaving cream and balm for 50 shaves, a brush to apply shaving cream with and the razor. The blades on this razor are actually replaceable so there’s no faffing around sharpening it which I think makes it much more convenient. Matt sports a beard and has loved using this to keep it tidy, getting a closer shave around his neck and cheeks. It takes a little bit of time to get use to the new technique but the results are much tidier and last longer so it’s a big thumbs up from us.


So there you have it, a gift guide for almost any male! Grab a couple of these, a packet of socks and you’re good to go. This was absolutely not an easy post to write although I think I found some true gems. I fear I’ve almost exhausted every truly useful gift there is out there having bought so many over the years. Maybe next year I’ll buy 8 gift cards and be done with it!