If you’d asked me this time last year if I’d ever consider a cruise I’d have laughed and said yes, in 30 years. I had this misconception that cruises were for the older generation and not something we’d consider – with or without a toddler in tow. Over the past year quite a few people in my life have sailed the seas to various destinations. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins (in their 20s) took a cruise around the Mediterranean and my good friend Laura took her two young sons on a Caribbean cruise. Laura’s family had such a good time that their own perceptions of cruising totally changed and they’ve since booked another!



Hearing how much of a good time my friends and family had upon the sea piqued my interest, you already know I love to travel and I began to think snubbing cabin life was a mistake. I started to read more and look at the various options online and quickly found myself out of my depth – pardon the pun! There are so many types of cruise, a wealth of destinations, styles and price points. I needed help. This is where The Bolsover Cruise Club came in, they’re one of the UKs largest travel agents specialising in cruises and working with all the major providers such as P&O, Royal Caribbean and Fred Olsen. Browsing their site really made me sit up and pay attention, it’s finally dawned on me that a cruise is far from restrictive – it’s actually a travellers dream.

You can see multiple countries and experience rich culture in one holiday – particularly if you head to the Caribbean or the Baltics. Matt and I are on a mission to see the world and it seems like a multi stop cruise could be the best way to get a taste for many of the countries on our hit list. We especially would love to visit Central and South America, I always had grand plans to go backpacking but we’re not in a position to pack up our lives for 6 months and trek around with a toddler. Plus, some of those countries can be a little dangerous if you just wing it so the idea of seeing 4,5 or even 6 on a cruise is amazing! Heading out on guided excursions seems like a brilliant and safe way to get a rich taste of a far flung part of the world.


But what about Luisa, is a cruise going to provide the entertainment and safety a toddler needs? In short, yes. From what I’ve heard a cruise ship is paradise for children, their every whim is catered to from familiar foods to kids clubs and most have a babysitting service. Winning! Donna explores the various ways in which cruise liners cater to children in this really informative post and Gillian wrote at length about safety, activities and food for kids following their cruise around the Canary Islands. I don’t know about you but I am sold. Time to pick our destination, shop for a big hat and get ready to see the world in style.

Have you been on a cruise holiday before? I’d love to know where you went and if you’ve any tips about picking a destination for our family.