I am someone who loves to gripe when things go wrong or don’t meet my standards but i’m not someone who actually complains very often, especially not in person! More than once I’ve eaten a meal I didn’t order or sat at a drafty table. I’m one of those annoying customers who mutters to herself in the shop and then goes home to complain because I don’t want to deal with confrontation. I don’t know what it is – I don’t like complaining to a ‘real’ person because I feel mean, like they’ll see it as a personal attack. Also, having worked in both a supermarket and a cafe before I know how tough it is.

www.contactcustomerservicesnumber.co.uk are an online database of contact phone numbers for hundreds of different companies around the UK. They ran a survey to find out more about how we view customer service and what matters to us most. It doesn’t surprise me at all that our ‘wants’ are pretty simple. We want to be able to contact a customer service department quickly, without jumping through hoops. And we want the person on the other line to have sufficient knowledge to solve the problem then and there.

One of the results that didn’t line up with my experience is that more people would prefer to phone than email. Personally, I prefer email because you can make sure to include all the information in one go and I think you’re less likely to forget an important detail. I suppose my preference for digital communication is more common amongst younger people or those of us who shop online a lot. I spoke to some fellow bloggers about this and quite a few agreed with the survey that online retailers like Amazon have amazing customer service policies and deliver them expertly.

Pete from Household Moneysaving had this to say;  “Last Christmas I bought a TV from Amazon for just over £500. It was on my Prime account but didn’t turn up the next day. I contacted them by live chat, they apologised and gave me over £100 discount!”

Sally from Teddybears and Cardigans had a really great experience with another online retailer, AO. “I’ve just bought a new fridge/freezer. I recently spoke to customer services at ao.com, asking about price matching. They were absolutely fantastic, matched my price and had me sorted in a few minutes. I’d definitely use them again.” 

Amongst parents a really common theme that come up when talking about customer service is how we always appreciate and remember those who go the extra mile. The kind waitress who gives your kid a balloon or the person who doesn’t mind waiting a few minutes on the phone whilst you put the next episode of Paw Patrol on. My fellow bloggers had loads of lovely stories of people in customer service who really made their day so I thought I’d include a few here.

“I always love that the staff in our local Disney store remember Eden by name and give her stickers. We don’t go THAT often, but they always remember her. Makes her day!” — Laura of Mama, Eden & Me

“Just after Hugo was born we went out for breakfast to Bills and the lovely waitress noticed I was holding the baby when our food had arrived so offered to cut up my pancakes for me! Which was so lovely of her and I really appreciated it!” — Harriet, Life with Mrs Lee

“Only yesterday we were in M&S cafe where we go every week and Holly goes over to get her colouring and crayons they have there. As it had been half term, I wasn’t surprised to see all the colouring sheets were gone. A lovely man who worked there overheard this and came over to Holly and asked her if she would like some plain paper to draw a picture on. She said ‘yes please’ and he went off to find some for her. Such a lovely gesture and one he didn’t need to do, but Holly was really excited and thankful.” — Laura, Dear Bear and Beaney

Have you had any really amazing customer service this week? To find out more about the results of the survey and check out the respondents pet peeves see below.