Bobux kindly sent us these boots in exchange for an honest review

I feel like parenting a toddler is made up of a succession of realisations that everything has changed, again. Babies change physically, before our eyes, at the time I didn’t really notice it – it’s only when I look back at photos I see how quickly Luisa grew and evolved. Babyhood can feel long, drawn out, a constant slow pushing to the next milestone. There’s almost an unspoken impatience for your baby to learn, become and do.

Toddlers on the other hand, they just won’t stop changing. Or maybe it’s an illusion and it’s only now that I can appreciate how fleeting childhood is that I feel each new version of Luisa so acutely.


bobux review plum gloss boots toddler park dog

This past month I’ve seen a huge change in Luisas’ speech. She can talk more than I can and that’s saying something. Most days I feel like buying my Mum an island to repay a small part of the debt of gratitude I must owe her for listening to me all these years. She’s always had a good vocabulary but it’s rapidly expanding and she’s replacing her own funny words with the ‘proper’ version. She’s trading words like ‘keke’ which used to be thank you and ‘Sesum’ for Simon (one of her uncles)

It’s not just pronunciation that’s taking off though, there are words and phrases coming out of that little rosebud mouth that I’m sure she’s never heard me say! We’ve had talk of planets and their moons, accurate explanations for exactly how petrol works in a car and reciting recipes. I’m sure this kid must be on YouTube learning when I’m not looking!


bobux review plum gloss boots toddler park slide

bobux review plum gloss boots toddler park


Physically she’s changing fast too. Even since I took these photos on a particularly sunny day in late September her hair has grown quickly and she’s sprouted up easily two inches. These gorgeous plum boots were sent to us by the innovative and stylish brand Bobux. All of their shoes are designed with foot health being the main agenda so not only do they look fantastic but I know they’re perfectly formed to support Luisas’ feet at this playful stage in life.

As her world expands and confidence grows Luisa has continued to be really determined, especially physically. She loves to climb and makes it her mission to conquer any obstacle be it a climbing frame or a fallen log. The high shine leather is soft, flexible and easy to clean and has worn extremely well over the past three months.


bobux review plum gloss boots toddler park climbing

bobux review plum gloss boots toddler park


Having a toddler is a testing, hilarious and joyful experience. I can hardly document the changes fast enough at this point but I look forward to sharing more of her fabulous personality with you. To find out more about the design behind Bobux shoes and shop their gorgeous creations visit their site here.